Furday Friday Remix

Alright people, it’s time to get back to our regular programming around here.  No more political blogs for a while.

This past Sunday, Will and I took the dogs to the beach with a new neighbor of ours, Nicole and her puppy.  The dogs get along great and of course they are always up for the beach. 

Meet Shea, he is a vizsla puppy:

Adorable, Right??

The dogs got to play on the beach for quite some time, they met a lot of other dogs that I managed to photograph, but haven’t had time to edit, yet.  Maybe I’ll save those for another Furday Friday when I’m not so prepared. 

Guinness and Shea have the same energy level and love fetching the ball. (Rather, Guinness loves fetching the ball and Shea loves fetching Guinness!!!) 

And to prove to you that my dogs were, in fact, present:

I love this one, her ear fur is just flying around all crazy in the wind and it makes it look like hair!!

Mia was tired by this point, so she was just chillin’ out in the sand. 

After a while, a Mom, Grandmother (I’m assuming) and two small kids came down to the beach.  Will and I were a little worried because our dogs LOVE people and especially little kids and they ALWAYS want to jump and we thought for sure that they would jump all over these kids, but we were wrong.  Mia sniffed them and let them pet her for a minute, but then she wasn’t interested anymore and went back to Will.  Guinness, on the other hand, was incredibly gentle and patient.  See for yourself:

So, there you have it…another Furday Friday!! We will be taking the dogs to a dog park we found online, so tune in next week.  Plus, I took more pictures of the two kids on the beach (I mean, how cute are they??)  and I’ve been editing a few and playing around with textures more. (Christina still blows me away) so I’ll get around to posting those next week as well!! Enjoy your weekend, people!!