Furday Friday – Meet Abby

It has finally happened – Will and I invested in a home computer (not a mac, boo!) so I am finally able to BLOG FROM HOME!! What a novel concept that is, right??  I usually have to find time to do it at work and that is probably not what my bosses want to pay me for.  So, now I am officially a computer-owner, not a computer-borrower.  Moving on….

My parents were in town for a few days last weekend on their South Florida house hunt and they stopped by and spent one night with us.  For my Mom’s birthday, my dad bought her another Pomeranian puppy, and they brought all their dogs along, so I finally got to meet Abby.  So did Guinness and Mia. 

















This dog is seriously only like 2 freakin’ pounds, and I’m willing to bet that at least a pound of that is her head!!  This is her meeting Mia and Guinness for the first time:


























Don’t let the look on her face confuse you.  She quickly fell in LOVE with Guinness and all she wanted to do was play with him.  Of course, Guinness was only too happy to oblige.  How does a 95 lb dog play with a 2 lb dog, you ask?? Well, let me show you:














He gets down on his belly, rolls over and lets the tiny little puppy jump all over him:






































After a while, my Mom felt like Abby had been sufficiently slimed by Guinness and put her away into the make-shift pen that she had made and Abby looked like a depressed little teenager who has been grounded by her parents and not allowed to see “that boy” anymore.










The next morning, she was full of energy and ready to sit still (for some treats) so that I could get some better shots of her:

























































Freakin’ adorable, right??  My mom actually has a better camera than I do, but she hasn’t sent me any pictures of this little one before, so I had to take my own. 

I plan on making a few changes around here in the next week or so, so keep a look out for some new features/themes!!