The Wedding, Part I

Since this could possibly be the most epic post ever, I’ve decided to break it up into smaller portions.

Will and I did FINALLY get married on 11/28/09.  I really wanted to write about it in the moment, but that idea was an epic FAIL.  So instead, I will tell you about it now.

It all started when Will’s Grandfather passed away in July.  While he was in NY for the funeral, his Grandmother decided that she was going to give him the money that she had set aside for him that was supposed to be a gift for whenever he got married or bought a house.  She decided to go ahead and give him the money now with the explicit purpose that we GET MARRIED ALREADY!  And so we did.  Will came home and we began setting up our budget and throwing ideas together.  We are pretty lucky that we have understanding family and they didn’t push too much for the things that they may have wanted for us, they really let us do it “our way”.  Since neither of us had ever planned a wedding before, We were really at a loss for what to do or where to begin.  I started at all the big-name wedding sites and I just wasn’t finding what I was looking for.  While Googling inspiration, I came across The Offbeat Bride and after reading some of their wedding graduate posts and looking through the wedding “porn”, I was hooked.  It wasn’t long until I found many other offbeat/unique wedding sites and found PLENTY of inspiration.  I was already pretty familiar with Etsy, but I had not actually made any purchases from them.  That changed VERY QUICKLY  and the first purchase we made were our wedding rings.  We ordered my engagement ringwedding bands and his wedding band pretty much as soon as he got home. The rings we had picked out previously and they seemed really perfect for us since my wedding bands are called the “Infinity Plus One” and that has been a long standing inside thing between the two of us and we decided since none of the rings were too flashy, they were perfect.  (One day I will get around to taking a photo of them on my hand all together, but for now just click the links if you want to see what they look like separately.)  I also had “infinity plus one” inscribed on the inside of Will’s ring so that they kind of match.  If you are looking for something a little different, I wholly recommend Seababe Jewelry.  They are super nice and respectful people who have already repaired and cleaned my ring (for free!) after I snagged a diamond back in December. (DISCLAIMER – I am not being paid for writing this)

From there, we had tons of advice coming in ranging from choosing a theme, cake, food, who to invite, who not to invite and so forth.  Fortunately it was very easy for us to tune out most of this and we just decided that we need a place first (duh!), we knew we wanted it on the beach and we needed someone to marry us. We ended up going with an officiant that a co-worker of Will’s had used recently. ( His name was Charles with Weddings by the Sea and I am going to state right now that he is TERRIBLE!!  If you want any kind of “offbeat” ceremony – this is not your man.  I will get into details later about why, but I am in no way recommending this vendor.)  We chose Pompano Beach since their policies were not too strict and the event fee wasn’t too outrageous and we secured our date –  11/28/09. The drama about the date was pretty much the only real hiccup we encountered as it  prevented some important family from being able to attend (it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.)  Everyone calmed down after we explained why we chose it (it is our anniversary anyhow) and it helped keep the guest list down and we really wanted to keep it simple.  That was pretty much our mantra for the entire event – keep. it. simple.

So, to recap, we had the essentials down; the Who, What, When and Where.  Now on to more important things – like the food!  The next installment will be all about the food and the reception we chose, so come back!

Our Ceremony Site on Pompano Beach at sunset



Some things I’m coveting right now:

doggy bed from Carolinawicker’s Etsy shop

Love Bird necklace by Modernbird’s Esty shop

Paid of Love Bird bowls by PrinceDesignUK’s Esty Shop


Songs I’m digging:

What are you really into right now??

Falling off the fence

Lately, Will and I have been going back and forth about the amount of television that we watch.  We both enjoy t.v. and we love the freedom our TiVo provides, but when he isn’t working, we sit together on the couch and clear the TiVo off in an evening – instead of doing things like walking the dogs, or taking pictures, or interacting with one another.  Now, don’t misunderstand, we cuddle and play around with each other, it’s not like we’re ignoring each other, but we don’t have conversations.  We’ve also been lamenting about how sedentary our lives have become and how we’d love to do  more things, be  more active, and we both realize that we  are the only ones in our way.  We’re not stupid people, we know exactly where this type of lifestyle leads, and neither of us want to keep ‘riding the fence’, but habits are hard to change.  After reading this article, I think I have fallen off full force and landed on my exceptionally cushy behind on the pro-active, less-television side of the fence.  I’ve been feeling down about my weight and the lack of activity in my life, so I guess it’s time to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING about it.  Now, I’m not as brave  as some– I’m not about to post before and after pictures of myself, but I will chronicle my activities/food/t.v time just to hold myself accountable, and I really hope that you guys will help me in this endeavor.  I’m a creature of habit, and when Will is at SB in the evenings, it’s easy for me to waste an entire evening flipping through inane t.v. programs that I’m only half watching and sit on the couch instead of doing something productive………so I guess what I’m saying is that it’s time for a change.  We already eat pretty healthy, we rarely ever eat out because of budget concerns, and we buy as little processed food as possible, preferring to make everything from scratch, so if you have any good, healthy recipes to share, send them my way!!

As promised

If you remember, two weekends ago, Will and I took the dogs to the beach where we encountered a cute family with two little adorable children who wanted to play with the dogs.  Well, I’ve finally been through the pictures and edited a few with some textures and I wanted to share those with you today!!

This is the SOCC image: 

This is the edited image:

I loved this postcard texture I found on flickr, although I do think it’s a little strong for this picture, but hey, I’m learning.

SOCC image:

Edited Image:

Another strong texture, so for the next few, I decided to try something different.

SOCC image – (border only)

Edited Image:

I love how this one turned out – I think it looks like an old photo.

And a few more:

Ethan trying to pick up the ball with the chuck it

This is my favorite

 No textures on this one, I just think it’s pretty!

That is all for today, I do have some other pictures, but I’m saving them for a ‘rainy’ day.

The best blog you’re not reading

Like many people, I was introduced to this blog when he was the featured reader of the day on Popcandy, an honor he and I have in common.  So, go see what you’re missing.  I promise you won’t regret it.

New Layout!

Feedback?  You like?? I know it’s cutting off the older pictures that I have “centered”, but I don’t want to change them all if no one likes this layout!  Gimme some feedback, people!


September 11, 2001.  Where was I?? That is the question that many of you are asking of your readers today and I felt a strong urge to share my memories from that day.

On September 11, 2001, I was living with my best friend Ashley and her parents in Fayetteville, GA.  I was working as a Floor Supervisor at a shoe store chain and was working mid-shift that day, so I woke up around 8ish and turned on the T.V.  The first plane had already hit the first tower and this was all that was on EVERY channel.  I still hadn’t comprehended what was happening when I saw the live footage of the second plane hit the second tower and turned the volume up to hear an explanation.  All the news anchors stumbled, cried out in shock, and waited along with us to hear the official explanation of exactly WHAT had just happened.  I changed out of my pajamas and went into the living room where Brenda (Ashley’s Mom) was watching the same thing and we just sat there together and cried.  Then I went and called my Mom to talk to her about it where I cried some more.  As I was talking to my Mom, it hit me that Will had family that lives in NY, so I called him to see if his family was OK and to see how he was.  This was the first time I had ever heard Will cry.  His family was all OK, but he was just as upset as everyone else about what was going on and he had just heard it on his car radio in the parking lot at his college campus, he hadn’t even seen the images that had already burned themselves into my brain. 

I collected myself, showered, and went to work.  What else could I do?? Would people even come in to buy something as trivial as a pair of shoes on a day like this?  I know I wouldn’t.  I would hug every person I cared about as tight as possible and that is exactly what I did.  When I got off work, I went straight to see my Mom and stayed there until I was too tired to watch the same destructive loop over and over again and then I went home.  That night, I cried for our country, for the people who lost their lives, their loved ones, and for the state of humanity in general that would allow something so dark within itself take over and value their religious beliefs over the sanctity of HUMAN LIFE.  That was the official day that I completely lost my faith in mankind and God alike.  It was the day that a feeling of such hopelessness took over me that it has been hard for me to restore even a tiny portion of that faith, but I’ve done it.  I am not an overtly religious person, but I can say with my whole heart that today, I will pray for all the people affected by this tragedy and hope that nothing this horriffic happens again in our lifetime, or our childrens lifetime.



Where were you??

Furday Friday #9

We are successful, people!! Check it out:

I’m not quite sure why he looks so scared, but it took a lot of coaxing and giving him small pieces of the first treat (as you can see in the right picture) and putting it in between his eyes again, to get him to just leave it alone.  Eventually, he grasped the concept, but he still looks terrified. 

And of course, we cannot forget our goal with Mia:

 Of course she can balance the snack, but the shot glass really threw her for a loop.  I had to break out the good stuff (sliced ham) to get her to do that.  I’m sure with the three day weekend, I can work with her a little more and she will become a little bit more familiar with objects vs. treats, so maybe by next week we’ll have some really interesting photos of Mia the Balancing Wonder Dog. 

 The dogs aren’t the only ones who can do tricks, either.  Just check Sammy out:

He stands up for treats, but that is about it.  Olivia does NOTHING.  She won’t even take a treat from your hand, you have to put it on the floor for her to even consider it. Cause, you know, the floor is cleaner than our hands and she licks her butt and that is cleaner than our hands too. 

Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.  I’m sure Will and I will make our way to the beach (sans dogs) to enjoy the holiday.

I’ve been featured!!

Go on over and check it out!! I’m the featured reader of the day on PopCandy!!

I’ve been TAGGED!

I was tagged by Steph Corwin, whose blog I have recently started reading and am very surprised and excited to see that she is reading mine as well. So, YAY!!
Here are the rules:

  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here we go…

1.  I sleep with my feet out of the covers. And I can’t tuck the sheet in at the bottom because then my feet can’t stick out and I feel like I’m suffocating.  Even if I’m freezing, I’ll still fall asleep with my feet OUTSIDE of all the covers only to wake up in the middle of the night and find two blocks of ice have encased my feet and then I put them under Will’s legs to warm them.  Then they go back outside the blankets and I fall back asleep.  Sleep with socks on?? FORGET IT!  My Mom told me once when I was little that if I fell asleep with socks on then little elves would come steal them.(I think she didn’t want to have to search for missing socks in the blankets)  I think that is why I now sleep with my feet outside of all the covers so that those little sock-stealing elves don’t have to make the trip to see if I’m wearing them, they can see from across the room or where ever they sneak in from.   Some people in my family refer to it as “Cannon feet” because My Grandmother used to do it and My Mom does it too. Or maybe the elves used to steal theirs too.

2.  I have to see the steps as I’m walking down stairs.  I don’t know exactly what will happen if I’m not watching them, but I have a suspicion that it wouldn’t be good and possibly could be painful for me.

3.  I have to shower at night before I go to bed.  I am not a morning person AT ALL and want to sleep as late as possible and showering takes up valuable sleep time.  Plus, I have this thing that I MUST BE CLEAN when I get into bed.  Even if I did NOTHING all day long, I’ll still feel dirty at the end of the day and feel like I need a shower to get into bed.  I think that this stems from when I was in high school and living with my parents, my second job was at a place called Schlotzsky’s Deli and when closing a restaurant, you get sweaty.  Well, my parents bedroom shared a wall with our shower and it would wake up my parents if I tried to shower, so I’d have to shower in the morning after the other 3 members of my family so I’d almost always get the cold water.  Sometimes I’d drive down the street to where Will lived with his parents and use their shower and then go home and sleep.  Weird, huh? 

4. This one is about Me AND Will.  We have been best friends since 1998ish.  He and I started working at the Schlotzsky’s Deli in Peachtree City, GA where I was his boss until they opened a new store that I managed and Will got promoted to manager at that store.  We were best friends all through high school and college and even moved in together as roommates in 2001.  Then we both got new jobs at South Fulton Medical Center where he was MY boss for a couple of years and then we moved out into our own places,drifted apart a little bit, and then became best friends again in 2006.  He went with Me and My family to the Bahamas on our family vacation that July and by that November, we were dating.  Now, he’s stuck with me.

5.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite television show.  I own all the season on DVD and Will actually downloaded a program that allows us to download all the comics, so I’ve been reading those as well.  Why, yes, I am a huge dork.

6.  My big toe on my left foot pops constantly.  I jammed it when I was younger at this dam that my parents took me to so that they could go fishing (boring!!) and I fell climbing some huge rocks and jammed the hell out of it.  I also lost a jacket and a huge box of Garbage Pail Kids Cards that day.  Damn Rocks!!  So, now I feel this pressure build in it and I must pop it. 

7.  I am like a hairless wonder.  I have virtually no body hair that you can see.  My arms look like I wax them, but all my hair is really babyfine and blonde so it looks like peach fuzz in the light.  My eyebrows have to be penciled in  so you can see them and I only have to shave under my arms or my legs about once a month and even that is pushing it.   Even the hair on my head is super-fine.  I have A LOT of it, it’s just really thin and fine.  I’m not complaining or anything, but people tell me I’m a freak of nature.  Although as I’m getting older, I’m finding that I’m getting a few stray hairs in strange places.  I have one on the left side of my face that I just discovered this year (in horror) and wondered how long it had been there (how could it have been there long enough to get THAT long and I never noticed it??  Did this monster just pop up overnight?!?) and how many people had been having conversations with me JUST STARING AT IT in horror themselves and unable to tell me.  So, now i obsessively check for it everyday when I put on my makeup.

So, there you have it folks.  I’m now going to tag 7 people who’s blogs I read and they will hopefully participate.  Here goes:

1.  First up is Nik because I read her blog everyday and I think she is hilarious and could totally see myself hanging out with her in real life and having a great time.

2.  Second is Wishcake.  I just recently stumbled across her blog and it has become a part of my daily reading because she is so darn cute.  I love that she writes such personal stories that I can relate to completely.

3.  Third is Sheila.  I have been reading her blog for about a month now, and she never fails to crack me up with her stories of being a doggie-parent like Me.

4.  Fourth is Amanda.  Another blog I stumbled across about a month ago and reading about her pregancy seems to quiet my baby fever, but only a tiny bit.

5.  Fifth is Sallad. She is a Georiga Girl (like yours truly) and her crafts and photography are very cute.  I started reading her blog after seeing her Exposaroonie submissions.

6.  Sixth is FeatherNester whose blog I love reading because she is so honest about what is going on with her and I appreciate how hard that can be sometimes.  Plus, I’ve been a lurker on her page and it’s high time to introduce myself, sort of.

7.  Finally is Christina.  I know she just did something similiar about a month ago, but here is my de-lurking on her blog as well.  Plus, her photography is amazing.

I hope everyone enjoys and checks out all of these amazing blogs.





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