Furday Friday – Meet Abby

It has finally happened – Will and I invested in a home computer (not a mac, boo!) so I am finally able to BLOG FROM HOME!! What a novel concept that is, right??  I usually have to find time to do it at work and that is probably not what my bosses want to pay me for.  So, now I am officially a computer-owner, not a computer-borrower.  Moving on….

My parents were in town for a few days last weekend on their South Florida house hunt and they stopped by and spent one night with us.  For my Mom’s birthday, my dad bought her another Pomeranian puppy, and they brought all their dogs along, so I finally got to meet Abby.  So did Guinness and Mia. 

















This dog is seriously only like 2 freakin’ pounds, and I’m willing to bet that at least a pound of that is her head!!  This is her meeting Mia and Guinness for the first time:


























Don’t let the look on her face confuse you.  She quickly fell in LOVE with Guinness and all she wanted to do was play with him.  Of course, Guinness was only too happy to oblige.  How does a 95 lb dog play with a 2 lb dog, you ask?? Well, let me show you:














He gets down on his belly, rolls over and lets the tiny little puppy jump all over him:






































After a while, my Mom felt like Abby had been sufficiently slimed by Guinness and put her away into the make-shift pen that she had made and Abby looked like a depressed little teenager who has been grounded by her parents and not allowed to see “that boy” anymore.










The next morning, she was full of energy and ready to sit still (for some treats) so that I could get some better shots of her:

























































Freakin’ adorable, right??  My mom actually has a better camera than I do, but she hasn’t sent me any pictures of this little one before, so I had to take my own. 

I plan on making a few changes around here in the next week or so, so keep a look out for some new features/themes!!


Furday Friday

I hope everyone hasn’t completely abandoned me, here.  Sorry it’s been so long, but I’ve actually been busy.  Will and I are going this weekend to buy a home computer, so hopefully updates won’t be so rare anymore.  Plus, things are starting to find a nice rhythm at work since most of the snowbirds have settled.  I figured that I would jump right back into the swing of things with a regular Furday Friday post.  Will and I take the dogs to this dog park all the time and a few weekends ago, I finally decided to take my camera with me:

In the XB on the way.  When we get close, both dogs like to stick their heads out of the windows.  I’m sure they can smell the dog park from down the street since about a thousand dogs mark it with their pee about a million times a day.  And this makes them happy.  See:

 Each time we go to the dog park, we take a gamble on the kind of “crowd” that will be there.  We usually find a pretty good group of dogs there that are pretty friendly, but occasionally there will be an overly aggressive dog who just wants to dominate every other dog and their owner doesn’t know how to control them, so Guinness does.  We’ve watched him break-up many potential fights and he always seems to put the more aggressive dog in place without even growling.  It’s an amazing thing we’ve seen him do a dozen times for Mia and Shae alone.  Some of the other “regulars” have even noticed and we’ve started calling him “The Enforcer” because he enforces peace in the dog park!!  It really does amaze me how much personality that our dogs seem to have, and I love watching the quirks and small nuances of their personalities come through around other dogs.  I don’t have any pictures of Guinness being The Enforcer, unfortunately, but I do have pictures of what a wuss he can be.  In this dog park, they have a little “obstacle course”  that the dogs can do.  Guinness is afraid of them:






























As you can see, he refuses to climb onto the structure and  Mia just prances right up.  That makes her Queen of  the Mountain:

















In other news, I also have recently fallen prey to the flu/cold/sickness that seems to be going around everywhere right now and I missed a couple of days from work last week.  I tried to be productive since I was off and wasn’t totally dead and I had folded two loads of  laundry before I decided that I’d had enough physical activity and was tired of sweating from the effort.  I put the empty laundry basket on top of the fully folded basket of clothes to keep the cats off of it because, as anyone with cats can attest, clean laundry is a cat magnet.  Case in point:










































Of course Olivia climbs right into the empty basket on top of all the clean laundry.  I don’t think she even made it 30 seconds before she did it, either.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she just materialized out of nowhere.  I almost didn’t get up and get my camera out because I was hot, coughing, and longing to lay back down on the couch and dream of being able to breathe through my nose again one day.  But I did and I’m really glad because some of these ended up as my favorite shots of her.

Furday Thursday – Getting into the Spirit of the Season…..


 You’re getting Furday Friday today because I don’t think I’m going to have any time to do it tomorrow – busy, busy at work and all.

I was going to do a whole “12 Days of Christmas” thing – but I don’t have any of my Christmas decorations here, so I wouldn’t have enough Christmas pictures to do that.  I did find, however, all of our stockings (yes, all the animals have their own) and these awesome hats/antlers:

Just to be clear, he’s yawning, not crying.


He looks like a gangsta in this one

He looks like a little gansta in this one.


And now to show you how bi-polar Mia really is….

She can go from being a perfect lady:


To a sullen, Emo teenager

 If you’re wondering why there are no Olivia pictures – it’s simple:  Olivia is smarter than the rest, doesn’t care about dog bones and hides the very second she sees these hats come out of hiding.  We tried to get a picture last Christmas of all three cats (Frankie was still alive), but Olivia was having none of that and she ended up biting the hell out of Will, so we gave up. 😦


I hope everyone enjoys their weekend –  Will and I will be going to Carlin Park (on the beach) Saturday morning where they are hosting a Sandcastle Contest and I plan on taking lots pictures and practicing my settings….hopefully it won’t get rained out. I also joined an amatuer photography club that meets around here – that is where I found out about the Sandcastle competition…..we’ll see how that goes b/c I’d LOVE to learn more about my camera and photography in general – I’m pretty excited!

Furday Friday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Will and I went to April and James’ and had a very nice time, but it wasn’t the same for either of us.  This was the first year EVER that we hadn’t been with our families on Thanksgiving.  We really missed them.  It makes me even more impatient for Christmas because we’ll be going home for 9 whole days!!

Anyhow, getting to the the four furry reasons I know you all visit here:

When we were getting ready to go to April and James’ for dinner yesterday, I had some trouble deciding which necklace to wear and I left the pearl one downstairs on the table since we were always running behind – and I came home to find the cats playing with them, so of course I snapped some pictures!!




One of these pictures with Olivia will be my Exposaroonie Challenge Submission – but you’ll have to head over there to find out which one!! 

Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself

Furday Friday – It’s all about Sammy

This week, I managed to actually get a few really good shots of Sammy that I’d like to share with you…..

I heard Sammy playing with this toy, so I grabbed my camera and got down into the floor to snap some shots:




And my favorite of the series:

Furday Friday Remix

Alright people, it’s time to get back to our regular programming around here.  No more political blogs for a while.

This past Sunday, Will and I took the dogs to the beach with a new neighbor of ours, Nicole and her puppy.  The dogs get along great and of course they are always up for the beach. 

Meet Shea, he is a vizsla puppy:

Adorable, Right??

The dogs got to play on the beach for quite some time, they met a lot of other dogs that I managed to photograph, but haven’t had time to edit, yet.  Maybe I’ll save those for another Furday Friday when I’m not so prepared. 

Guinness and Shea have the same energy level and love fetching the ball. (Rather, Guinness loves fetching the ball and Shea loves fetching Guinness!!!) 

And to prove to you that my dogs were, in fact, present:

I love this one, her ear fur is just flying around all crazy in the wind and it makes it look like hair!!

Mia was tired by this point, so she was just chillin’ out in the sand. 

After a while, a Mom, Grandmother (I’m assuming) and two small kids came down to the beach.  Will and I were a little worried because our dogs LOVE people and especially little kids and they ALWAYS want to jump and we thought for sure that they would jump all over these kids, but we were wrong.  Mia sniffed them and let them pet her for a minute, but then she wasn’t interested anymore and went back to Will.  Guinness, on the other hand, was incredibly gentle and patient.  See for yourself:

So, there you have it…another Furday Friday!! We will be taking the dogs to a dog park we found online, so tune in next week.  Plus, I took more pictures of the two kids on the beach (I mean, how cute are they??)  and I’ve been editing a few and playing around with textures more. (Christina still blows me away) so I’ll get around to posting those next week as well!! Enjoy your weekend, people!!

Furday Friday – Messages of Love

Our dogs are full of love.  So much, in fact, that they have decided to express it for you today:

Do these pictures remind you of Hallmark greeting cards or is that just me??


These are actually “magnetic poetry” that I bought one year at Party City for Valentine’s Day that I put all over the outside of Will’s car along with some sticky gel things for the windows that said “I love you” and “happy valentine’s day” and a bunch of hearts.  I did it Valentine morning while he was in the shower and then I ran inside and got back into bed so he never suspected a thing until he went outside and there was pink, red, and white stuff ALL OVER his car.  After we took all that down, We kept out some of the magnets and put them on the fridge.  They say “I Love You” and “Your My Favorite” because that is what we say to each other all the time.  It’s obvious that Guinness is still not cooperating when I put things on his head.  He especially didn’t like the magnets because all he wanted to do was lick them for some reason.  I only ended up with one viable shot with him, all the rest were Mia.

Will and I have a Halloween Party tonight, so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures there.  We’ll just have to wait until Monday to see!


Furday Friday #13

Welcome to Furday Friday!!  Today, you have a very serious duty ahead, to mediate the high profile case of Snarkygirl vs. Guinness the Bernese in case #u28j3901 “THE CASE OF THE APARTMENT SECURITY DEPOSIT”

Opening Statements, Snarkygirl, you may begin:

“As you all know, Will and I have been going through some financial distress recently and we are currently looking to relocate to a more cost-effective domicile.  When we moved into this apartment, we were careful to explain in excruciating detail to the animals what we called the “No Property Damage” clause in their lease with us.  We explained that they could live with us, free of charge, and we would provide them with food, water, treats, timed restroom breaks, exercise, “working” vacations, and all the love they could stand in exchange for unconditional love and they had to be my photography subjects 24/7.  According to the terms of their contract, Will and I would pay the PET FEE to the apartment complex on their behalf with the understanding that they were not to cause ANY physical damage to the apartment what-so-ever.  As you will clearly see by the documented evidence, they have broken that contract.  What we are asking for here is simple justice.”

Opening Statements, Guinness:


Moving On.  As you all may or may not know, Guinness has always been kind of a strange, yet lovable dog who manages to scuff up the walls, scratch up the furniture, and squeeze himself into the strangest spots to sleep.  So, I present to you, the jury (or readers, whatever), documented evidenceof how the apartment walls, coffee table, and couch trim have all become victims to this incredibly adorable dog and his vicious sleeping habits.

Exhibits A, B, and C:

Guinness sleeping as a puppy.  This is where the problems started:


In Exhibit D, you can see that, he has now decided to move his torment to the furniture as well as the walls:

And in Exhibit E, you can see that his behavior is starting to influence the other animals as well:

When will the torment end?!?!

So, in the pursuit of justice, I ask you, the jury to find the defendant GUILTY of being incredibly cute and destructive to property.  The Plaintiff, Snarkygirl, is asking for punitive damages for breaking their contract and the damage to the apartment and furniture in the amount of 50 milkbones. 

You now have a very serious decision in front of you, and I ask that you don’t make that decision light-heartedly.  Please consider all sides of the case you heard here today and base your decision accordingly.  Remember, these are MILKBONES We’re talking about, not just any run of the mill dog treat.  Please give this case the consideration it deserves.  You may leave your judgments in the comments.

In other news, the cat has taken up residence under the new dog bowl:

Furday Friday #12

I know these pictures aren’t my best, but they sure make me laugh:

This is Mia demonstrating her amazing ability to stand on two legs.  She can actually keep her balance for a long time, but for some reason when I try to capture this on my camera, I don’t always get the shot I want.  Plus, Will thinks I’m silly and won’t help me.

This one is more a picture of the background, I suppose.  But Mia is like jumping up and waving at all of you!!

This one is Guinness “jumping”.  I love the expression on his face and how his ears flop around!

Furday Friday #11

I am going to start out this post by saying SHAME ON ALL YOU!! I know that people are reading my blog because I can SEE on my dashboard that you are clicking on your GOOGLE READERS each time I post.  Only TWO little comments on my birthday?  I don’t know if I should be hurt or angry.  Or both. 

Just kidding!! I appreciate the comments I received from Nik and Christina, two awesome ladies whose blogs I love.  The rest of you can delurk yourselves when you’re ready, I’m just glad you’re visiting!!  I know I promised to tell you about my best birthday experience, but it just isn’t the same without the photos, and I cannot for the life of me, find them anywhere.  I’ll give you the highlights, but trust me when I say the pictures are priceless. 

My best birthday EVER was the year I turned FIVE (1985)!! My brother was about 9 months old at the time and my parents were throwing me a Strawberry Shortcake (again, mid-eighties here people.) themed party.  I even had a red dress for the occasion and all my family and friends were coming.  Well, my Mom, being the time-saving super mom she is bathed my brother and I together and he decided that it was the perfect time to poop.  In the water.  With me in it.  Yeah, gross, right?  So me being the five year old birthday girl/drama queen start squealing and jump out of the bath and get water everywhere and run around like a crazy child.  My mom cleans everything up and starts over, succeeding this time to get two children clean.  Then we go set up the party, Strawberry Shortcake plates, napkins, cake, etc.  (My mom is a champ, for real)

My awesome birthday present from my parents was a Cabbage Patch Doll!!! I was so freakin’ proud of this doll that in an awesome picture you may never get to see, Heather (a friend of mine) and I were posing these awesome model/Charlie’s Angel poses with our cabbage patch dolls with her little brother Brian doing an MC Hammer-esque crossed arms rap pose.  We all look so serious, it’s hilarious. 

Anyhow, what made it my best birthday ever was all the trouble my parents went through to set it all up and they gave me the coolest things.  Unfortunately, my parents are quick learners and once they realized how much trouble it was having huge birthday parties, we didn’t do that again.  Most of my other birthdays were spent at Six Flags or the Fair because that meant less cleanup!!

On to Furday Friday!! This week I will once again show some guest babies – My Mom’s dogs, Samson and Missy.  Enjoy!

First up is Missy.  If you remember, she is the Pom that my mom rescued from a puppy mill.  She is so cute and has that tongue that hangs out all the time.


 This picture is of me holding her right after my mom got her.  Mom had taken her to the vets office and had her groomed and had her health checked out.  She was overweight and has a heart murmur, but she’s in good hands.  I don’t know why it’s blurry or why my Mom picked this one to send me, but whatever:



 Samson is my mom’s baby.  Seriously.  She has had him since 1997/98, I think.  She bought him from a really nice breeder as a puppy and he’s been around ever since. 



He needs to be brushed in this one, but he’s so cute it doesn’t really matter.



 And of course, no Furday Friday would be complete without pictures of my babies:

Mia, in her favorite spot:





Sammy with his favorite blanket:



Guinness still looking terrified but nailing his new trick and doing a little product placement:




 And finally, a photo manipulation of Olivia:

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