New Blog

Today I started a new blog centered around my Crohn’s Disease that will hopefully help someone else along in their journey.  If you’re interested in reading it or would like to contribute links, information, or share a story then please do.  The new blog is SnarkyCrohnsGirl.


Two Years

Two years ago today was my surgery.  Something I will never, ever forget because it was also the day I was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  Two years later and I am still mostly symptom free.  That is a lot more than most people with Crohn’s could hope for.  I consider myself lucky, and since today is such a special day for me, I’m posting a link for the CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America) so that people can learn more about this disease. 

In the interest of fairness…

Yesterday Will came home from his new job telling me about the lady who he is now sharing an office with and how her husband also suffers from crohn’s disease.  This irked me a little bit at first because I’m wondering how this conversation came up (he doesn’t remember b/c he’s a man, you know) but I just knew  that he had been talking about me and my personal issues.  Well, this anger didn’t last long because literally a second later, it dawned on me that he didn’t have anyone that he could talk to about what he went through with me.  It wasn’t all about me.  This thing had happened to him as well, and given the circumstances, he could have just washed his hands and walked away from me.  But he didn’t.  He stayed and took care of me and he deals with certain lifestyle changes as well as I do.  He understands that after a nice meal out, we can’t go directly to the beach or anywhere that is far from a restroom, because logic dictates that I will have to govery soon.  This is just one of the very small, insignificant changes we have made, but a sacrifice nonetheless.  Now he has someone he can bond with over that.  Someone that he can complain or just talk to about it that really getsit without hurting that person’s (IE me) feelings.  I can’t be mad about that, and in fact, I am actually pleased about it. So, I think there should totally be a PFLAG-type group for family members with Crohn’s Disease too. Now all I need is a cute anagram for it.

Crohn's Funny

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I am an offical Floridian

I got my official Florida drivers license yesterday! I’m official.  Yay!

I also picked up my Repliva, so maybe I can stop feeling so tired ALL THE TIME.  (for those of you who don’t know me personally, I am living with Crohn’s Disease.)  I take the Repliva as an iron supplement every day because my body doesn’t absorb nutrients the way it’s supposed to and if I don’t take it, my energy level drops unbelievably low.

So, here’s to my holiday weekend getting better, even though I’m working at LB and Will is working SB and going to a concert with A&J and that will be yet ANOTHER evening we won’t get to spend together. (I’m not bitter, I swear)

OH – before I forget to mention it, Will got a new job!!! That means that he can quit his shitty job that screwed us out of so much money with his bi-polar ( C U Next Tuesday) of a boss.  I am so freakin’ excited! He’s putting in his notice today and he will start his new job on the 9th.  Wish us luck!

Update:  On Friday afternoon when Will went to put in his two weeks notice, his boss fired him and another recruiter, leaving only one dumbass recruiter who happens to be best friends with the boss’s son and his roommate.  Hmmm, wonder why he got to keep his job?  Anyhow, Will starts his new job a week earlier.  Let’s just hope that they don’t give him any trouble about his last paycheck.