The Wedding, Part I

Since this could possibly be the most epic post ever, I’ve decided to break it up into smaller portions.

Will and I did FINALLY get married on 11/28/09.  I really wanted to write about it in the moment, but that idea was an epic FAIL.  So instead, I will tell you about it now.

It all started when Will’s Grandfather passed away in July.  While he was in NY for the funeral, his Grandmother decided that she was going to give him the money that she had set aside for him that was supposed to be a gift for whenever he got married or bought a house.  She decided to go ahead and give him the money now with the explicit purpose that we GET MARRIED ALREADY!  And so we did.  Will came home and we began setting up our budget and throwing ideas together.  We are pretty lucky that we have understanding family and they didn’t push too much for the things that they may have wanted for us, they really let us do it “our way”.  Since neither of us had ever planned a wedding before, We were really at a loss for what to do or where to begin.  I started at all the big-name wedding sites and I just wasn’t finding what I was looking for.  While Googling inspiration, I came across The Offbeat Bride and after reading some of their wedding graduate posts and looking through the wedding “porn”, I was hooked.  It wasn’t long until I found many other offbeat/unique wedding sites and found PLENTY of inspiration.  I was already pretty familiar with Etsy, but I had not actually made any purchases from them.  That changed VERY QUICKLY  and the first purchase we made were our wedding rings.  We ordered my engagement ringwedding bands and his wedding band pretty much as soon as he got home. The rings we had picked out previously and they seemed really perfect for us since my wedding bands are called the “Infinity Plus One” and that has been a long standing inside thing between the two of us and we decided since none of the rings were too flashy, they were perfect.  (One day I will get around to taking a photo of them on my hand all together, but for now just click the links if you want to see what they look like separately.)  I also had “infinity plus one” inscribed on the inside of Will’s ring so that they kind of match.  If you are looking for something a little different, I wholly recommend Seababe Jewelry.  They are super nice and respectful people who have already repaired and cleaned my ring (for free!) after I snagged a diamond back in December. (DISCLAIMER – I am not being paid for writing this)

From there, we had tons of advice coming in ranging from choosing a theme, cake, food, who to invite, who not to invite and so forth.  Fortunately it was very easy for us to tune out most of this and we just decided that we need a place first (duh!), we knew we wanted it on the beach and we needed someone to marry us. We ended up going with an officiant that a co-worker of Will’s had used recently. ( His name was Charles with Weddings by the Sea and I am going to state right now that he is TERRIBLE!!  If you want any kind of “offbeat” ceremony – this is not your man.  I will get into details later about why, but I am in no way recommending this vendor.)  We chose Pompano Beach since their policies were not too strict and the event fee wasn’t too outrageous and we secured our date –  11/28/09. The drama about the date was pretty much the only real hiccup we encountered as it  prevented some important family from being able to attend (it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.)  Everyone calmed down after we explained why we chose it (it is our anniversary anyhow) and it helped keep the guest list down and we really wanted to keep it simple.  That was pretty much our mantra for the entire event – keep. it. simple.

So, to recap, we had the essentials down; the Who, What, When and Where.  Now on to more important things – like the food!  The next installment will be all about the food and the reception we chose, so come back!

Our Ceremony Site on Pompano Beach at sunset