A crippling case of self doubt

OMG!! I just got an email from the mother of the two kids whose pictures I took at the beach one afternoon with the dogs asking if I would take pictures of their family!! And she wants to pay me!! WTF?!?!  I am in no way a professional and I really feel like there is no way I could charge someone for something that I feel they could get better somewhere else.  I said I would take the photos (of course) but I really feel out of my element and I’m feeling a level of pressure I’ve never felt about photography before.

Advise?  Words of wisdom??  Help?!?  All would be welcome.


Beer Fest and Stairs

I’m really sorry I’ve been so absent lately.  Will and I lost our home computer (it was borrowed and we had to give it back) and I can only blog from work and work has been very busy and I’m not going to stay later than necessary just to blog.  Sorry.  All of my readers (hi Mom!!) are awesome, but when it’s time to go home, I’m outta here.   We have been very busy at home, too.  Will and I started moving all of our stuff into our new apartment on Sunday.  We have a few small items left to move and then we have to clean the townhome, but we have until the 31st, so I think we’ll get it all done on time.  The only thing that sucked were all the stairs.  Between moving out of a tri-level townhouse with 2 sets of stairs into a 3rd floor apartment, we’ve probably climbed more stairs than any normal person ever should.  Well, I’ll say Will probably did because being the awesome man that he is, he allowed me to pack/unpack while he carried most of the boxes over – isn’t he sweet?? Trent and Nicole also helped us along with another neighbor who we thanked with a case of beer.  (Hey, cheap labor, I’m not complaining!!)  This week will be all about decorating the new place (yay!) and cleaning the old place (boo!). 

Now on to the beer portion of this post!!

This past Saturday was the 3rd Annual Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival hosted by The Inlet Brewing Company who have an organic beer named Monk in the Trunk.  There were some really unique names for beers there, I was pretty impressed by the creativity!  Such as:

Arrogant Bastard Ale





Nicoles first beer of the day

Nicole's first beer of the day


Right before Nicole's last beer of the day





Needless to say, there was a lot of beer, a lot of monks, and a lot of fun.  Just ask Nicole:

She may or may not be slightly inebriated in this picture…..I’ll never tell!


PS – Happy Birthday, CJ!! I love you!!

Night of the Living Douches

NO, the title isn’t a movie, but the description of this last week of my life. Before we get to the NOTLD, I’d like to explain my absence here.  I know it isn’t necesary, but it would make me feel better.

Anyone who is familiar with Florida is usually familiar with the term Snowbirds.  These are the people who “fly” south to FL for the winter months instead of staying in their homestates where it usually snows a lot.  (usually NY, MI, OH, PA, etc) Hence the term ‘snowbirds’ –  we’re  clever people. 

According to the FU paper(Florida University, not ‘eff  you),  Palm Beach County (where I live) has the second highest percentage of snowbird increases during the winter months.  (winter months are typically considered anytime between January and early April because people want to be in their home states for the holidays)  What does this mean for me, you ask? 

This means increased business for the PT company I work for because old people need therapy.  This means me being so busy and calling the number to verify medicare benefits so many times in a day that I LITERALLY have nightmares about being on hold.  This means I have to deal with people who CANNOT HEAR ME WHEN I AM TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO THEM THEIR BENEFITS AND SET UP THEIR APPOINTMENTS, THUS FORCING ME TO YELL OUT THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO THE ENTIRE CLINIC.  This means that there is increased traffic on my way home from work because I leave right at dusk (5:30) and all the snowbirds are on their way home, because, as one of our lovely snowbird patients put it “I can’t see to drive at night and my husband said if I have another accident he’s taking away my car so I need to leave here by 5:30”.   This means that I am extra tired and cranky when I get home.  This means I have less time to blog because I have to do it from work right now since we no longer have a home computer. 

Have I done enough complaining now??  Good.  I feel better.  Don’t you?

It hasn’t been all bad.  Will and I were able to see the Thrashers play this past weekend (Thrashers got spanked by the Panthers 8-4, btw. Sorry, Babe.)  and we followed up that game by visiting Nicole at work at the Yard House where we made her bring us food and drinks.  Wait, how is that different than any other time?  Oh, yeah.  We paid her this time.  Anyhow, as we were getting ready to leave, the restaurant patio was swarmed with the typical South Florida personality – The DoucheBag (must be said with a Wisconsin* accent to get the full effect).  Maybe you’re familiar:






Come on, people, I could do this all day.  But I won’t.  I can’t believe there is so much documented evidence.  Thanks to Google Images for all the photos, btw.

So, you can see from the above examples what FL is filled with, and as we were sitting, enjoying the last of our yummy dinner, drinks, and trying really hard to forget the hockey “game” we had just witnessed, the patio becomes flooded with DB’s (douchebags) and all of a sudden we are treated to nice** girls dressed perfectly appropriate*** with DB guys who keep lifting up their shirts (like the guy in the last photo) so that his buddy could punch him in the abs and he could LOUDLY exclaim how much it didn’t hurt.  Then Trent, aka “The Eraser”, (as he will be known on this blog from here on out) went to the little boys MEN’S ROOM and encountered the ‘grown up’ version of the DB (which looks exactly like the young, 20-something DB but with wrinkles, better jewelry, better clothes, grey tipped hair instead of blonde, and that layer of old man pudge that shows up over what used to be muscle) who proceeded to be rude to him, block the door with their enormous bodies and threaten him with bodily harm for trying to exit the bathroom.  The Eraser came back to the table and was shortly followed out by the ODB’s (Old douchebag, not ‘Ol Dirty Bastard) who proceeded to smoke and give him the proverbial evil eye**** until their buzzer went off and they were escorted to their table for what I like to think was a lot of eye fucking and unspoken promises of tender caresses while pretending to check out chicks to cover for their uneasy feelings towards one another.  We asked The Eraser if he was afraid and he said “Yes, only because they didn’t wash their hands”! 

Following that close DB encounter, the empty patio space was filled with an entire group (flock, if you will) of DB’s and their women***** who continued to chain smoke, drink heavily, and talk louder than necessary.  This is when we decided to leave.  Fun times, people. 

Let’s recap what I’ve learned in my last year living in FL:

  1. Snowbirds suck
  2. Douchebags suck
  3. The window for going out in public without being outnumbered by one or the other is very small.  Too early in the day and the Snowbirds are out; go too late after dusk and the DBs are out.  Normal people are only out between the hours of 5:30-7:30-ish and even that crowd is filled with the slightly desperate, overly eager, semi-drunk singles trying to mingle******.
  4. Realized that Florida isn’t for us long term.  We don’t want to raise children here because of how self-absorbed, self-entitled, and selfish everyone seems to be.  We’re definitely going to keep our eyes open for other possibilities.  Maybe in the NW somewhere…who knows.

* Hi, April!

**Code word for sluts

*** code phrase for dressed like hookers.  Low dollar hookers at that.

**** which I imagine is really hard to do with all of the botox they seem to have injected in their faces.  They had perma-scowl and lip pucker combo.  Must have been on special.

***** Can you still call someone a woman if they are more plastic than human?? Just wondering.

****** code word for drink too much and then settle on someone for the night and “bump uglies”, then regret said “uglies” in the morning.

Favoriate of ’08 Challenge

I’ve been having a harder time than normal this week trying to decide my favorite photo of 2008 for this week’s Exposaroonie Challenge.  I am seriously at a loss.  How do I choose?? Do I choose the one that I’m most proud of because I got the shot I was actually trying to get? Or do I go for the one that I think represents the best of what I have learned this year? (rule of thirds, textures, etc.) Or do I choose the one that speaks to me in a way that pulls at my heart like no other photo?  Do I choose one of the four animals I have?  How do I narrow down which animal?  Or do I choose the lucky shot that I got by accident but still love?? Or do I choose someone else’s beloved animal? Since I know that there is a plethora of super talented photographers out there with waaaayyyyy more talent than I have, it doesn’t make my decision any easier.  Maybe I’ve been over thinking it, but the photo I choose, I really want it to shine, ya know?  I want people to look at it and feel what I feel when I look at it.  Is that weird??  I’ve been putting A LOT of thought into this (captain obvious, here) and I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of pictures that I love for different reasons and I’ll be submitting one of them later today.  You’ll have to go over there and check it out (and vote!) after Saturday to see which one I chose.

In other news, Will and I are going to start packing this weekend in preparation for our move into the one bedroom.  I’m really looking forward to downsizing (something I’m sure you don’t hear people say a lot) because I’m really tired of having the laundry room on the ground floor in the garage and the bedroom and closets on the third floor.  It’s really tough when I do the laundry for just two people and it’s 4 freakin’ loads a week!!  That is a lot of laundry to cart up and down two flights of stairs every week.  Plus, vaccuuming the inside stairs and sweeping the others (outdoor carpet in the foyer) sucks big time.  I’ll be ready to have everything in a smaller area with less to clean.  Downsizing also forces us to re-evaluate what is important to us and streamline our possessions because we won’t have room for everything.  We’ve had the two beds that we each respectively had before we started dating, but we’ve been sleeping in the bed Will had because it was a king size and mine was a queen.  Now, we’ll be throwing out his mattress and box springs (because they suck) and downsizing into the queen because it is infinitely more comfortable, even if it is smaller.  Plus, my bed matches the bedroom furniture we’ve been using, so we’ll actually have a grownup bedroom again and that is something that we’re both looking forward to.  Unfortunately, the really nice bedding that we have is for the king, so we’ll have to remedy that situation.   Linen’s N Things is having a going out of business sale, so we may pop in over there this weekend and see what deals we can get on some new bedroom linens.  We also need a more grown up bathroom.  We’ve been using the same things I’ve had since college, and it’s no longer pretty and it doesn’t suite us.  (I saw shower curtains on sale for $7.49 at the Linen’s N Things website!!) Even though I really hate the physical packing, moving, and unpacking parts, but I love the organization and cleanliness of a new place.  Pros and cons, you know?

Some other plans for the weekend include a Thrasher/Panthers game Saturday with Trent and Nicole, haircuts for Will and myself (before and after pics, I promise!)  and possibly some other new items for the home.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Updates and little Treasures

  • This past Friday, My Parents came into town for one night on their property search and we cooked dinner and made them watch The Transformers.(they had never seen it and that is akin to blasphemy in our home) (they liked it, btw)
  • Saturday we all loaded up with my parents and their two babies (can’t call them dogs) to the beach for the first time where there was a whole “beached jelly fish” drama and Will ended up putting a LIVE jellyfish into one of the trashcans before the dogs could either 1. step on it 2. pee on it or 3. (most likely) eat it.  My parents didn’t stay around too long because they had to start their long trip back home, but Will, Nicole, Trent and I stayed with our dogs A LOT longer than we had anticipated and Will and I both ended up sunburned. 
  • We had my office Holiday Party that night where we ate good food and played Wii (Will may or may not have made an 8 year old boy cry) and watched some boring football. 
  • Will put in his two weeks notice at SB and gave away his last shift!!!! Apparently while we were out of town, a nearby SB closed and the employees were moved to other stores in the area and his hours got cut down to ONE 5 hour shift a week and we thought, well, what’s the effin’ point anymore?? So, no more second jobs for either of us!!!!!
  • We’re gathering boxes and starting to pack to move out of our town home and into an apartment at the end of the month.  I don’t really mind the downsizing as much as I thought I would because the animals stay right where we are no matter how much living space we have, but there will be less carpet to vaccuum, less toilets to clean, and I won’t have to go up and down TWO sets of stairs to do laundry anymore so I’m kind of excited.
  • I was FINALLY able to get a couple of pictures of Trent and Nicole Friday night!!! Check it out, these are our new BFF’s!!!


Aren’t they adorable???  I love how Trent is purposefully NOT looking at me and trying not to laugh b/c he just KNOWS he’s going to end up on here!!

  • I mentioned before about getting my point and shoot that has the video capabilities on it while we were home in my last post and when I charged it up, I found THESE pictures from when Mia and Olivia were little!!! Enjoy even though they are blurry:

This one was taken the day we adopted Olivia (5/27/2006)  the lady told us that the kittens were born on April Fool’s Day, so she was ALMOST two months old at this point.

And here she is playing with her collar on Will’s old “bachelor rug” from his old apartment a couple of months later:

In the old apartment, before we got any other animals, we used to play a game with Olivia where she would hide in the sink and we would try to sneak up on her.  She would put her little paws outside of the sink and try to swat at us and it was too freakin’ cute!! I have some video of it on the old computer. (that isn’t working right now and I plan on getting it fixed one day) Anyhow, these pictures are me trying to get her cute little “hunter face”.  Please excuse all the “red eyes” in these photos.



Here is one of Will holding Olivia right after we got her.  This is also what Will looked like when we first started dating over THREE years ago.  Isn’t he cute??

And finally we come to the JEWEL of all the pictures that I found on that camera – ONE LONELY little picture of Mia as a puppy.  She is so freakin’ adorable I can’t stand it.  Again, please ignore the eyes.  I didn’t take the time in photoshop to edit any of these other than adding the borders.  This was taken the day that we got her (8/19/06).  We had JUST moved into our first apartment together as a couple, we already had Olivia, and Will really wanted to get a dog so we went and adopted Mia.  Wouldn’t you have adopted this adorable face???


Well, that is all I have for today because it’s ALMOST time for me to go home from work and I have PLENTY to keep me busy there (cleaning, organizing, and packing).  I’m still thinking about my Exposaroonie Challenge for this week and what to submit as my BEST PHOTO of 2008.  I really have NO idea.  I have taken SO MANY, how could I choose??  Of course, I’m sure it will have to do with one of the animals.  I have made a promise to myself that once we get moved and settled into our new place, I’m going to challenge myself to take a picture EVERY DAY for 30 days and figure out how to do different processes in Photoshop.  If you have any you recommend, let me know!