Time for some updates

* Wow, did this week fly by.  Will and I recently became friends with an awesome couple in our complex.  (You may remember Shae, the Vizsla from a previous post.)  Nicole and Trent are his owners, and this past week we have been hanging out with them a lot, letting the dogs play, and having a good time getting to know one another.  This is the first couple that Will and I have befriended together as a couple (I hope that made sense) and it’s a nice feeling.  Plus, they’re our neighbors and that is pretty convenient. 

Saturday night, Nicole was working so Trent came over and had dinner with us (veggie pasta and Caesar salad…yummy), and then Sunday night, Will was working, so they invited me over for dinner (chipolte-applewood bacon wrapped pork tenderloin w/ sweet potato fries and green beans…double yummy).  The dinner was delicious, even if it was double pork!!  I  am not usually a fan of sweet potatoes, but I LOVED those sweet potato fries and I plan on making them myself this week.  Since Trent travels a lot for his job and he is gone this week, we had dinner with Nicole again (home made pizza!) and then got ourselves lost in Guitar Hero until it was really late and we needed to go to bed.  Tonight, Nicole is flying out to meet up with Trent and go visit her parents, so we’re having Shae over for a furry sleepover!!  The dogs will be beyond excited and I’m sure I’ll take pictures.

** The official countdown has begun until I get to go home and see my Mom.  Will and I leave next Friday night and won’t return until the Sunday after Christmas.  We’re going to be home for 9 days and we’re driving in so that we can take the dogs with us.  My Mom has already planned on stealing Mia for the duration and Nicole and Trent are going to check in on the cats for us.  I can’t wait to go home.  Everyday I fax my Mom at work a “countdown” and today she beat me to it.

***I’ve been thinking about my Exposaroonie Challenge since I have to submit it by tomorrow and I have a few possibilities, and they are all items from my kitchen.  I don’t know if I’ll use one or if I’ll take something else at the last minute, but here’s what I have so far for Texture: (I wish I had a Macro Lens)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar

Rice Krispy Treat

Rice Krispy Treat

Scrub Brush

Scrub Brush

 Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself


**** This weekend, Will and I are going to a Christmas Party thrown by some of the regulars at Starbucks and we’ve been asked to bring something.  I’ve decided that I am making these Guinness Cupcakes.  I am changing a few things, though.  I read down through some of the comments and someone suggested using Bailey’s instead of milk in the frosting to give them more flavor and a creamier texture, so I’m going to do that.  Also, the recipe calls for brown sugar, but I’m going to use Raw Sugar instead.  I’ll let you know how they turn out and I’ll possibly take some pictures for you as well.


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