Mundane Monday

I hope everyone had a nice weekend – Will and I did.  We took the dogs for a couple of long walks on Saturday and Sunday down a really nice, peaceful path – under the power lines.  It’s nicer than it sounds, really.  There are several areas that have fence/privacy walls all down one side and bushes/fences down the other and we’re able to let the dogs off leash, throw the ball, and let them sniff until their hearts content.  We’re going to attempt to take them each night this week that Will isn’t working SB to give us and them more activity.  It’s been raining on and off here today, so I hope we’re not foiled by the rain. 

Anyhow, we didn’t do too much other than clean the townhouse, buy groceries, and walk the dogs.  We bought this new laundry detergent  and I cannot tell you how awesome it smells – like downy and febreeze had an illegitimate love child in my  washing machine.  It smells so good that I actually WANTED to strip all the sheets/pillowcases/duvet cover off the bed and wash them.  So I did.  And I woke Will up early Sunday morning to help. 

I have to say that I haven’t had much luck with the current Exposaroonie challenge.  I’ve kinda been struggling with ideas, and the few I’ve had haven’t turned out how I had wanted.  I do have another idea, but I’ll be hard-pressed to get any daylight until next weekend, and then the challenge will be over – so boo.

Well, that’s all I’ve really got for today – exciting, huh??


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