Silly Me

** Last night, Will and I made our homemade veggie pizza using Ashley’s pizza sauce recipe, but silly me, I forgot my memory card at home and won’t be able to edit and post pictures until tomorrow…so you’ll have to wait to see how delicious it was, but trust me – it was yummy.

** Today, the weather around here is beautiful.  The high expected today is only 69°!!  I love the weather when it gets cool, and apparently this is abnormal for Florida this time of year….so YAY for abnormality!

** Will and I did better yesterday with our T.V watching.  When he got home from work around 7, I had already taken the dogs outside to play and he and I walked to SB and Publix where we picked up the last minute ingredients we needed for the pizza we made and the lasagna I will make tomorrow night.  We went home and made dinner together, which was nice.  It’s usually one of us (me mostly) making dinner alone while the other one (him mostly) watches t.v./plays a video game/surfs the internet.  After dinner was ready (around 9ish), we sat down and watched some of our Monday night stuff on the TiVo.  Plus, we didn’t stay up as late as we usually do trying to clear off all the recorded shows, we stopped watching t.v. around 10:30 and went upstairs for bed…not too bad, I don’t think.

That’s all I’ve got for today since I forgot my memory card, so come back tomorrow if you’re interested in drooling on your keyboard after seeing the pizza pictures!


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