Mundane Monday

Will and I had a very mundane weekend.  We mostly ran errands like getting his oil changed and tires rotated since he drives to Boca Raton every day, buying groceries, getting my eyebrows waxed (finally), and planning this weeks meals in advance (we’re on a budget, yo).  After reading some of the delicious things that other people have been whipping up, Will and I decided to try some other people’s recipes this week.  For example, I’m going to try my hand at Colleen’s lasagna  and since we already make our own pizza at home each week (budget, remember??)  I’ve purchased the ingredients for Ashley’s pizza sauce.  (we were buying sauce in a jar) (hangs head in shame).

Also, in other exciting news, Exposaroonie is Back!!  I can’t wait to join in on this weeks challenge!  I’ve been desperately needing some photo-inspiration.  That’s all for today, party people…’s almost time for me to go home and finish folding laundry. (sarcastic YAY!!)  Maybe I’ll have pictures for you tomorrow, maybe.


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