Three Years

Here’s to us, baby!!! I love you!



Furday Friday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Will and I went to April and James’ and had a very nice time, but it wasn’t the same for either of us.  This was the first year EVER that we hadn’t been with our families on Thanksgiving.  We really missed them.  It makes me even more impatient for Christmas because we’ll be going home for 9 whole days!!

Anyhow, getting to the the four furry reasons I know you all visit here:

When we were getting ready to go to April and James’ for dinner yesterday, I had some trouble deciding which necklace to wear and I left the pearl one downstairs on the table since we were always running behind – and I came home to find the cats playing with them, so of course I snapped some pictures!!




One of these pictures with Olivia will be my Exposaroonie Challenge Submission – but you’ll have to head over there to find out which one!! 

Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself

Mundane Monday

I hope everyone had a nice weekend – Will and I did.  We took the dogs for a couple of long walks on Saturday and Sunday down a really nice, peaceful path – under the power lines.  It’s nicer than it sounds, really.  There are several areas that have fence/privacy walls all down one side and bushes/fences down the other and we’re able to let the dogs off leash, throw the ball, and let them sniff until their hearts content.  We’re going to attempt to take them each night this week that Will isn’t working SB to give us and them more activity.  It’s been raining on and off here today, so I hope we’re not foiled by the rain. 

Anyhow, we didn’t do too much other than clean the townhouse, buy groceries, and walk the dogs.  We bought this new laundry detergent  and I cannot tell you how awesome it smells – like downy and febreeze had an illegitimate love child in my  washing machine.  It smells so good that I actually WANTED to strip all the sheets/pillowcases/duvet cover off the bed and wash them.  So I did.  And I woke Will up early Sunday morning to help. 

I have to say that I haven’t had much luck with the current Exposaroonie challenge.  I’ve kinda been struggling with ideas, and the few I’ve had haven’t turned out how I had wanted.  I do have another idea, but I’ll be hard-pressed to get any daylight until next weekend, and then the challenge will be over – so boo.

Well, that’s all I’ve really got for today – exciting, huh??

Furday Friday – It’s all about Sammy

This week, I managed to actually get a few really good shots of Sammy that I’d like to share with you…..

I heard Sammy playing with this toy, so I grabbed my camera and got down into the floor to snap some shots:




And my favorite of the series:

Veggie Pizza

As promised:

Here we all the cut up veggies and some fresh mozzarella (I’m really not sure why Will cut the ENTIRE ball of mozzarella, but it was good n’ cheesy)

And here is the pizza crust that Will made after he had pre-cooked it a little. (we like crispy crust)

Here is it with Ashley’s pizza sauce :

With the toppings(if you notice, the bell peppers are only on half – Will doesn’t like them):

And the finished product:

Here is my favorite Chef (who needs a haircut):

The pizza was delicious, but we both felt like it was too much cheese, so the next time, it will be half that amount…..mmmm….my mouth is watering now just thinking about that pizza.

**As some of you may notice, I have made a new copyright/watermark….and if you look closely, you can see that I misspelled photos as ‘phots’….yeah….I’m an idiot.  I didn’t notice it until AFTER I had edited all these photos and the photos for Furday Friday this week and I really didn’t feel like going back and doing it again.  I did fix the brush in photoshop, so no other pictures (after Furday Friday) will be misspelled!!**

I know this has nothing to do with pizza, but I wanted to share a photo with you that I snapped later that night….it’s one of my favorites.  Do you think I should be jealous of the dog??


Silly Me

** Last night, Will and I made our homemade veggie pizza using Ashley’s pizza sauce recipe, but silly me, I forgot my memory card at home and won’t be able to edit and post pictures until tomorrow…so you’ll have to wait to see how delicious it was, but trust me – it was yummy.

** Today, the weather around here is beautiful.  The high expected today is only 69°!!  I love the weather when it gets cool, and apparently this is abnormal for Florida this time of year….so YAY for abnormality!

** Will and I did better yesterday with our T.V watching.  When he got home from work around 7, I had already taken the dogs outside to play and he and I walked to SB and Publix where we picked up the last minute ingredients we needed for the pizza we made and the lasagna I will make tomorrow night.  We went home and made dinner together, which was nice.  It’s usually one of us (me mostly) making dinner alone while the other one (him mostly) watches t.v./plays a video game/surfs the internet.  After dinner was ready (around 9ish), we sat down and watched some of our Monday night stuff on the TiVo.  Plus, we didn’t stay up as late as we usually do trying to clear off all the recorded shows, we stopped watching t.v. around 10:30 and went upstairs for bed…not too bad, I don’t think.

That’s all I’ve got for today since I forgot my memory card, so come back tomorrow if you’re interested in drooling on your keyboard after seeing the pizza pictures!

Falling off the fence

Lately, Will and I have been going back and forth about the amount of television that we watch.  We both enjoy t.v. and we love the freedom our TiVo provides, but when he isn’t working, we sit together on the couch and clear the TiVo off in an evening – instead of doing things like walking the dogs, or taking pictures, or interacting with one another.  Now, don’t misunderstand, we cuddle and play around with each other, it’s not like we’re ignoring each other, but we don’t have conversations.  We’ve also been lamenting about how sedentary our lives have become and how we’d love to do  more things, be  more active, and we both realize that we  are the only ones in our way.  We’re not stupid people, we know exactly where this type of lifestyle leads, and neither of us want to keep ‘riding the fence’, but habits are hard to change.  After reading this article, I think I have fallen off full force and landed on my exceptionally cushy behind on the pro-active, less-television side of the fence.  I’ve been feeling down about my weight and the lack of activity in my life, so I guess it’s time to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING about it.  Now, I’m not as brave  as some– I’m not about to post before and after pictures of myself, but I will chronicle my activities/food/t.v time just to hold myself accountable, and I really hope that you guys will help me in this endeavor.  I’m a creature of habit, and when Will is at SB in the evenings, it’s easy for me to waste an entire evening flipping through inane t.v. programs that I’m only half watching and sit on the couch instead of doing something productive………so I guess what I’m saying is that it’s time for a change.  We already eat pretty healthy, we rarely ever eat out because of budget concerns, and we buy as little processed food as possible, preferring to make everything from scratch, so if you have any good, healthy recipes to share, send them my way!!

Mundane Monday

Will and I had a very mundane weekend.  We mostly ran errands like getting his oil changed and tires rotated since he drives to Boca Raton every day, buying groceries, getting my eyebrows waxed (finally), and planning this weeks meals in advance (we’re on a budget, yo).  After reading some of the delicious things that other people have been whipping up, Will and I decided to try some other people’s recipes this week.  For example, I’m going to try my hand at Colleen’s lasagna  and since we already make our own pizza at home each week (budget, remember??)  I’ve purchased the ingredients for Ashley’s pizza sauce.  (we were buying sauce in a jar) (hangs head in shame).

Also, in other exciting news, Exposaroonie is Back!!  I can’t wait to join in on this weeks challenge!  I’ve been desperately needing some photo-inspiration.  That’s all for today, party people…’s almost time for me to go home and finish folding laundry. (sarcastic YAY!!)  Maybe I’ll have pictures for you tomorrow, maybe.

As promised

If you remember, two weekends ago, Will and I took the dogs to the beach where we encountered a cute family with two little adorable children who wanted to play with the dogs.  Well, I’ve finally been through the pictures and edited a few with some textures and I wanted to share those with you today!!

This is the SOCC image: 

This is the edited image:

I loved this postcard texture I found on flickr, although I do think it’s a little strong for this picture, but hey, I’m learning.

SOCC image:

Edited Image:

Another strong texture, so for the next few, I decided to try something different.

SOCC image – (border only)

Edited Image:

I love how this one turned out – I think it looks like an old photo.

And a few more:

Ethan trying to pick up the ball with the chuck it

This is my favorite

 No textures on this one, I just think it’s pretty!

That is all for today, I do have some other pictures, but I’m saving them for a ‘rainy’ day.


My week so far has been incredibly, unexpectedly hectic.  For those of you who notice, I usually blog from work when I have some down time.  But not this week because I’ve been so busy that I’ve wanted to pull out all my hair.  I’ve made what feels like a million phone calls trying to squeeze in 15 new home health patients.  Let me explain:  the PT clinic I work for is also certified to do home health, meaning that if you are unable to come to us, we come to you.  Another PT (physical therapist) had to go out of town unexpectedly and gave us his current 13 patients, so I had to shift people around the outpatient schedule for our 3 Physical Therapists, and then squeeze in 13 ADDITIONAL patients.  Pluswe’ve had TWO other HH (home health) patients sent to us from another agency we work through.  Did you get all that??

Well, what it essentially means is that on top of all the things that I normally do in a day, I’ve been coordinating an onslaught of new patients, made what feels like a million phone calls, and have been just too busy to blog.  Will has been off during this week, so I’ve been coming home and spending time with him.  The only reason I’m blogging now is out of sheer guilt.  (I’m sure you guys have been on pins and needles waiting on me, too)

I plan on posting some more of the beach pictures with some new textures that I’ve tried out tomorrow, and possibly drafting a Furday Friday post, just in case I don’t have the time to put it together on Friday, but right now, I’m going to go cuddle with my man on the couch while we wait for our home made pizza to be done!

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