Gratitude – noun; the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Lately,  things in my personal life have been strained (in case you didn’t notice by my lack of blogging).  Will and I have been bickering a lot more, we have both been in  generally grumpy moods, and the stress of the day to day that we have been dealing with lately has really been putting a lot of strain on us.  Today, while perusing through the latest REAL SIMPLE magazine, I read a story on a group of women who decided to start keeping a ‘Gratitude Journal’ to help them remember the things they are grateful for on a day to day basis and I thought to myself “This is EXACTLY what I need in my life right now.”  It’s easy to lose perspective on the bigger picture when you’re struggling through keeping your sanity for another day.  So, here are the top things in my life that I am grateful for right now:

6.  A steady job that I can count onIn today’s economy, you can turn on the news, pick up a paper, or check any news website and see the list of companies that have laid people off by the thousands.  I recently had a conversation with my Mom (who I used to work for back in GA) and within the last month, they have laid off about 6 people and my Mom (the V.P) and her boss (the President) have both taken pay cuts to help keep the company afloat.  If Will and I had stayed there, I’d surely have just been laid off for the first time in my entire life – by my Mother.  The biggest silver lining to our move to FL has to be the fact that Will and I both have steady, reliable jobs in the health care industry where it is very unlikely that we will be laid off and that my Mom wasn’t put in a position to have to fire me.

5.  Weather I know this sounds like a weird thing to be thankful for, but today especially, the weather around here has been beautiful.  It’s been kinda cool (mid 70’s I’m guessing) with no humidity and a nice breeze.  It has been the closest thing to fall that I’ve seen yet.  Nothing beats putting down the windows and opening the sunroof in my car, putting on a great cd (The Postal Service was my first choice today) and cranking up the volume on my drive to and from work.

4.  MusicI love music.  Plain and simple.  One song can help change my mood and I’m always on the lookout for new music to listen to.  Will used to ALWAYS be the one in our relationship who was the music “scout”.  Now he doesn’t have time and it feels good to be able to suggest a new band to him and he’s actually never heard of them and LIKES them.  Lately, my music list has gotten a little stale, so feel free to email me any links to good bands at Denae63 {at} gmail {dot} com.

3.  My Blog  Even though I neglected it for about a week, I love the cathartic effect it has on my emotions and the awesome people that I have “met”.

2.  Speaking of cathartic effect – My Animals Even though they can be as (or more) needy as children, they ALWAYS love me, no matter what.  At the end of the day they are always waiting and willing to snuggle up with me and just hang out.

1.  Always on the top of my list – Will.  Even though we don’t always agree and we can sometimes take our frustrations out on one another, he is what balances me out.  When I’m freaked out about something, he calms me down and vice versa.  I am grateful that I have such an amazing man in my life.  A man who is willing to do whatever is necessary to take care of us (with little complaint) and still have enough energy at the end of the day to rub my back if I’m not feeling well, to slow down in between the small window between two jobs to really HUG and KISS me, to see silly things like a softball sign up and remember how I said I wanted to start playing again and grab a number for me, and to wake me up every morning with sweet kisses and cuddles (it’s not girly, I swear).  Of all the cathartic outlets in my life, I’m luckiest to have this one.  The one who ALWAYS listens with enthusiasm (even when I’m talking about BTVS), the one who takes his time with me and my crazy mood swings, and the one who always comes back to talk things out after we’ve been bickering.  Could a girl ask for more?

So, there you have it.  I’ll be adding random things that I feel grateful for from now on because I want to try and focus on that instead on the negative.  I feel like I’ve been such a cynic lately and that isn’t the person I want to be.  So, my challenge to you is to tell me ONE thing that you are grateful today or start your own “Gratitude Journal”.


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