Mundane Monday

A new weekly photography title that I can forget to do!!

Anyhow, this past weekend was pretty mundane for me.  It was pretty much just sleeping in, aggravating Will until he went to SB, laundry, dishes, attempting to brush the cats, and watching Buffy DVDS (for like 6 hours at a  time) until he came home.  I did manage to get in a little photography, though.  I don’t know why, but I haven’t been particularly motivated lately. 

In a house with 2 cats and 2 dogs, we have TONS of animal toys littered about that I pick up AT LEAST 4 times a day. Once Guinness realizes that they are no longer on the floor but in the toy box, he feels COMPELLED to drag them all out, one by one.  Again.  We repeat this all day long like he is a toddler. Well, that is until I get frustrated and say “NO! Leave it ALONE!” and he hangs his tail and ears and skulks away.  And does it again when I’m not looking.  Before I stacked them, he used to get all the toys out of the cats toy box, too.  Which is even more annoying because there is really nothing like the sensation of stepping on a wet, cat-nip filled mouse.  Gross.  I’ve never had this problem with Mia getting the toys out of the cats toy box, but if they left one on the floor, she had to eat it.  It was like a compulsion.  She would even find them under the bed, under the desk, behind a door, anywhere and everywhere except the toy box. She would wriggle under, between, and stretch out her little spotted tongue to get that mouse and then she would destroy it.  And eat the catnip.  And then throw up on my carpet.  Several times.  So, when we got Guinness and he started pulling out hundreds of mice out of the box and leaving them scattered all over the floor like some creepy mouse battlefield,  I just stacked the toy boxes and the cats can stick their little paws into the sides and pull out a mouse if they want, but the dogs cannot.  Saturday, I found this in the spare bedroom when I went in there to open the window and decided it was super cute and I wanted to photograph it:



With texture:

And then wouldn’t you know that Sammy saw me with his mouse and decided that since I didn’t ASK if I could play with it, he was going to take it away from me:

And thus ended my photo shoot.


1 Comment

  1. inkpuddle said,

    September 30, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Aw, I love your critter pics. Sammy stealing the toy made me laugh – so typically “cat” and exactly the kind of stunt mine would pull.

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