It’s not too late, right?

I know I missed another Furday Friday, but please bear with me.  I’ve really not been feeling to well lately.  My Crohn’s has been acting up a lot and I’ve been very tired.  Tuesday isn’t too late, right?

Over the weekend, Will and I met Laurie and her dog Daisy at the beach to introduce our dogs.  We love setting up play dates with other dogs and Will met Laurie at SB where she brings Daisy almost nightly.  Daisy is an incredibly sweet dog that will rub up against your legs like a cat does starting with her nose and rubbing all along her face and side.  She is also incredibly camera shy, so after torturing her for a few shots, I put my camera away so that she would play.  Here are the few shots I did manage to get:











 If she saw me with my camera, she would drop the toy and run over to hide behind Laurie’s legs.

















This is Laurie and Daisy walking back to where they set their towels and stuff down.  I love this picture and I’m hoping Laurie does too.  She said she doesn’t have many pictures of Daisy because cameras scare her.











The ball after Daisy abandoned it because I had my camera out. 



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