Furday Friday #10 and Funky Photo Friday #2

As promised, here is Furday Friday!! This week we are doing something a little different….we are featuring GUEST DOGGIES!! These are pictures of other furry “babies” in my life that I have taken a while back, but edited today!

First up is Sophie.  She is CJ and Mandy’s dog that they got right before Mandy graduated college and moved in with me for a few months:

The Next “baby” is Murphy.  He is April and James’ Rottie.  These pictures were taken the first time we introduced our “children” and Mia and Guinness’ first trip to the beach:

Mia giving Murphy a ninja kick to the face!! Chuck Norris who??  Being a ninja  runs in the family, I guess.

This next guest is Twinkie.  She is Don’s (my previous boss in Ga) baby.  He has shared custody of her with my Mom.  It’s a really cute arrangement because Twinkie comes to work with Don everyday and on some days, she will follow my Mom out to her car, jump in and run away if Don tries to get her.  She does this about once a week…it’s kinda cute.

And of course a Furday Friday wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t feature AT LEAST one of My babies:

This is my favorite photo of Olivia from BEFORE I got my Nikon.  It was taken on my Kodak Easy Share, but I LOVE the expression on her face.  We had just gotten them a new toy from PetSmart and she was getting pissed off at it and you can actually SEE the frustration on her face.  It’s a classic:

This is the VERY FIRST PICTURE I took when I got my Nikon D40.  I had LITERALLY just taken it out of the box and Olivia decided she wanted to model for Me from INSIDE the camera box:

And in honor of Nik’s Funky Photo Friday, I have a picture of Me, Will, Mandy, and CJ from My brother’s 22nd birthday.  We went to a sushi restaurant in Atlanta called Nakato’s.  It was AWESOME!!



I have no idea why CJ and I both look high in this picture, but I swear weren’t, Mom.  Look at Will – he’s so hot!! I love my man!! >kiss<  Now he has  shaggy hair and I can’t decide which look I like better….oh well.


1 Comment

  1. Steph Corwin said,

    September 14, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    What cute guest puppers. I love the ninja kick! that’s crazy!

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