September 11, 2001.  Where was I?? That is the question that many of you are asking of your readers today and I felt a strong urge to share my memories from that day.

On September 11, 2001, I was living with my best friend Ashley and her parents in Fayetteville, GA.  I was working as a Floor Supervisor at a shoe store chain and was working mid-shift that day, so I woke up around 8ish and turned on the T.V.  The first plane had already hit the first tower and this was all that was on EVERY channel.  I still hadn’t comprehended what was happening when I saw the live footage of the second plane hit the second tower and turned the volume up to hear an explanation.  All the news anchors stumbled, cried out in shock, and waited along with us to hear the official explanation of exactly WHAT had just happened.  I changed out of my pajamas and went into the living room where Brenda (Ashley’s Mom) was watching the same thing and we just sat there together and cried.  Then I went and called my Mom to talk to her about it where I cried some more.  As I was talking to my Mom, it hit me that Will had family that lives in NY, so I called him to see if his family was OK and to see how he was.  This was the first time I had ever heard Will cry.  His family was all OK, but he was just as upset as everyone else about what was going on and he had just heard it on his car radio in the parking lot at his college campus, he hadn’t even seen the images that had already burned themselves into my brain. 

I collected myself, showered, and went to work.  What else could I do?? Would people even come in to buy something as trivial as a pair of shoes on a day like this?  I know I wouldn’t.  I would hug every person I cared about as tight as possible and that is exactly what I did.  When I got off work, I went straight to see my Mom and stayed there until I was too tired to watch the same destructive loop over and over again and then I went home.  That night, I cried for our country, for the people who lost their lives, their loved ones, and for the state of humanity in general that would allow something so dark within itself take over and value their religious beliefs over the sanctity of HUMAN LIFE.  That was the official day that I completely lost my faith in mankind and God alike.  It was the day that a feeling of such hopelessness took over me that it has been hard for me to restore even a tiny portion of that faith, but I’ve done it.  I am not an overtly religious person, but I can say with my whole heart that today, I will pray for all the people affected by this tragedy and hope that nothing this horriffic happens again in our lifetime, or our childrens lifetime.



Where were you??


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