This past week while I was busy being sick, an important event was going on around here.  The Jonas Brothers were here in concert!  Now, don’t be fooled,  I am not a teenage girl nor am I a parent to a pre-teen/teenage girl, so I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers and I wouldn’t even have been aware of them passing through the Sunshine State if it weren’t for the following:

A radio contest held on the morning show of the local radio station I listen to who were giving away FRONT ROW TICKETS AND BACK STAGE PASSES the morning of the show. (Friday, I think)  The setup was they gathered 5 FANATICS (all teenage girls) and put them in a room where they had exactly ONE HOUR to UNANIMOUSLY decide who got the tickets.  If a unanimous decision couldn’t be reached, none of them got the tickets and they would start the process all over with a new group of girls.  I really thought this was a brilliant and cruel idea until these girls started CRYING 20 minutes in.  Seriously?!? I was really hoping for some American Gladiator meets Sweet Sixteen action and they all started blubbering like a bunch of, well, teenage girls. BOO!!! They all already had tickets (some better than others), but NONE of them had backstage passes and that is what all pre-teen, teens, and creepy cougars want, right? (That and to convince Joe Jonas that certain “acts” don’t count and he could still keep his purity ring and it wouldn’t be a lie.)

Anyhow, my drive to work is only 20 minutes, so I thought I was free of the crying and begging, but alas, ’twas not my fate.  THEY REPLAYED THE ENTIRE THING THAT AFTERNOON AND ALL DAY SATURDAY ON A CONTINUOUS LOOP TO TORTURE ME AND THE OTHER GIRLS WHO LOST!!!  I swear that afternoon I picked it up at the very exact second I had left it that morning, as if they were all inside my radio like a bunch of evil Jonas Loving Robots who were just waiting on me to drive home so they could torture me some more.  Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I couldn’t turn the channel or change to CD.  I just couldn’t.  It’s like seeing a horrible accident on the side of the road and no matter how much you want to avert your eyes, you are physically incapable of doing so.  It was like that, but worse.  One of the girls cracked after about 25 minutes and walked out of the room because she just KNEW they wouldn’t pick her and she was crying so hard that she couldn’t breathe, much less talk while they were trying to interview her to find out why she left the room.  Now, me being the cynic that I am assumed she would say something snotty and then get her parents to buy backstage passes from a scalper, but AGAIN I was wrong (doesn’t happen often).  She said that her seats were really great and she knew how hard her parents had worked and how much they had paid to get those seats and as much as she would love to meet the Jonas Brothers, she really thought one of the girls who had the nosebleed tickets should get front row instead.  I. was. shocked.  In an age of kids who almost all act like those snotty, “my-daddy-embezzles-money-and-doesn’t-pay-his-taxes-so-he-can-buy-me-a-beamer”, I’m-the-next-Paris-Hilton-wannabes, here was a kid whose parents could be proud of the how their daughter behaved in public when they weren’t around.  When they asked her why she was crying, she said it’s because she really did want to meet the Jonas Brothers and she was bummed about giving them up, but she knew in her heart it was the right thing.  Needless to say, the cynic in me was shamed a little for having previously rolling my eyes and assuming that her reasons were selfish.  However, two minutes later, that shame was replaced by shock when a set of parents called the radio station up and offered to whichever girl who won $9,000.00 for the tickets and backstage passes.  WHAT!?!?!?!?!  I was FLOORED.  Seriously. 

They had apparently been trying to get tickets to the sold-out show and were unsuccessful and their daughter had been so mad at them, she had STOPPED TALKING TO THEM.  FOR. THREE. MONTHS.  Wrap your head around that for a moment.  Two parents so desperate to have their daughter speak to them, they would be willing to pay $9,000.00 for TWO front row tickets + backstage passes for their teenage daughter just so she would talk to them.  Immediately, I knew these were the type of parents who gave into every whim their child had and when she pitched a fit, they gave in instead of standing their ground because, more than likely, they are more interested in being their daughter’s friends than her parents and that made me sad.  And a little jealous I didn’t have a pair of tickets and backstage passes to sell for that much money.

The girls eventually decided a one girl within the time frame and when asked why, they all agreed because she had the worst seats and they all felt bad for her. The radio DJ asked if she would be willing to sell these tickets to those parents and unbelievably, she said NO!!!! Not even for $9,000.00 (a nice sized down payment on a new car in a couple of years) would sway her desire to meet the Jonas Brothers. I was pretty proud of (and shocked by) this group of girls, but disgusted at that set of parents.  I can only hope that when Will and I have kids, that we will be able to find that balance of being friendly and yet still being the parents.  And there is no way in HELL that I will ever pay that much money for tickets to a concert for anyone.  Unless it was a re-animated Kurt Cobain co-headlining with Elvis, but that would be weird and kinda gross. 

So, thoughts anyone?  Any parents out there who would EVER pay that much money to give your kids that “Jonas” experience??


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  1. September 12, 2008 at 12:01 am

    But not for the kids.
    For ME.

    😉 Seriously, though, that’s some disgusting parenting right there. I would NEVER pay that much money. But then again, it’s because I don’t HAVE that much money. I just can’t fathom being so rich that nine grand seems a fair price to pay to see ANYBODY, let alone a “flash in the pan” group. And this is coming from a JoBros fan.

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