Blatent Product Placement

Since the holiday weekend flew by and I wake up today to find that it is already Wednesday, I had a small panic attack when I realized how long it had been since I had posted or checked in on anyone in the blogosphere.  Now that I have gone trough and read everyone’s post andI feel fully informed, let me tell you about our weekend. Er, MY weekend. 

Friday night we met up with April andJames at a local bar/club.  April’s best friend Chantelle was in town from London and they decided to invite us along (more James, I’m sure .  He didn’t want to be the only guy there.)  Naturally, we oblige and when we get there, Kelly is there and she is another friend of April’s who I’ve never met, but Will has and they don’t really get along too well.  Plenty of alcohol is involved on everyone’s part (except mine) and as the night progresses, I realize how much I hate bars/clubs.  People get too drunk and make HUGE fools of themselves.  I know this next part may sound a little bit harsh and judgemental on my part – but oh well.  At one point we were inside at the bar right in front of the DJ booth when in walks a Desperate Cougar with her obviously recent 21 year old daughter.  D.C. and daughter proceed to drink too much and LITERALLY grind on one another for everyone’s “enjoyment”.  It was very, very sad.  I feel guilty about feeling so disgusted by this scene because I’m sure that D.C. has recently gone through a hard divorce, (where she obvs got a decent settlement b/c she was PLASTIC from head to toe. So much so that her face looked creepy and un-natural), has very low self-esteem and just wants to feel attractive again, and she prob. feels comfortable out with her daughter.  To me, these all seem plausible explanations as to why she could be there, but she REEKED of desperation, like she was just emulating the “fun” she sees on a cheesey Girls Gone Wild video tape – WITH HER DAUGHTER.  Now, I know that plenty of people meet in a bar, but how often, really is it a quality relationship?? Aren’t those the usual one night stands?? If you really want to “date” someone, personally, I feel like you should go places that people your age tendto be.  The only person even close to D.C.’s age was a random drunk guy who kept staring at all the young girls in an inappropriate, molesting kind of way. SO – to wrap this rant – James, Kelley, and Chantelle all got waaayyy to drunk, James puked and we all went home.  The best part of the night was April, Will and I sitting there making fun of the drunk people we were with and watching as the look of comprehension crossed their faces. 

Saturday and Sunday Will had to work at SB, so I decided to start reading the series that Will’s boss lent me.  She found out that I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so she sent The Twilight series home with Will for me to read because she thought I would like them and she was wrong – I LOVE THEM!!  You can check out the official website here.  I am a quick reader and I read the entire first book Saturday, the entire second book Sunday, and MOST of the third book Monday.  Because I had to go back to work, I just finished the third one tonight, but I highly recommend this series.

Monday, when I wasn’t reading and boring Will to death, we went to the local Zoo here to take some photos with Shawn a friend Will made at SB who also happens to be into photography as well.  You can check out his blog or his flickr if you are interested in see any of his shots from that day.  I’m going to edit mine soon, so hopefully they will be up before next week!  After the zoo, Will and I went grocery shopping, and I discovered some little jewels I’d like to share with any of you lovely ladies for your PMS time:



For those days when you really want something salty, but you don’t want to over-do it, I highly recommend this popcorn.  It comes in Mini-bags to help prevent over snacking, but I’m sure once you taste it, you’ll want to consume the whole box at once.  The Simply Salted it really good too.

And for that chocolate fix:

ice cream


This is Publix brand Chocolate Trinity Ice Cream.  Dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate ribbons and chocolate fudge cups.  Translation:  Heaven on Earth.

Now that I’ve left you drooling on your keyboard, I’m going to edit some pictures!


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