Insert cute post ‘play on words’ title here

Thanks to Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane) Faye, I am having a very dreary day.  A few bullet points of how my day is going so far:

  • Tropical Storm and inclement weather SUCKS (this is my first hurricane btw)
  • Got fired from Publix for calling out tonight – details in a later post
  • The copier has jammed on me TWICE and spilled powdered toner all over me and everything in sight
  • My soup for lunch was crappy – not a big deal but not helping my already crappy day
  • All I feel like doing is sleeping but since I’m at work, I can’t. 

I really hope this Monday is being nice to all of you and to prove that, I will leave you with some pictures from this weekend that I edited today:


I caught this rare moment that Olivia wasn’t being a total bitch and was actually being kinda sweet to Sammy.  They took turns grooming each other and the SECOND Olivia realized I had my camera and was paying attention to them, she darted under the table and hid and shot me dirty looks:

















So what did Sammy do?

We had to put a little bit of that Ph solution in Guinness’ ears because he is very prone to ear infections, so of course they got pictures, too:

Mia is checking on Guinness because he is in the process of rubbing his head all over my floor to try and rub that solution out.  I thought it was really cute, so I tried to get some good pictures, but of course Mia kept getting in the way.  She HAS to be the center of attention all the time:

So, enjoy these lovely pictures and then visit some of the blogs listed on my blogroll if you are interested in who I read.  Also, I have noticed that a lot of you have clicked the link on my Myspace profile, but alas, mine is private.  If you have a profile, just add me as a friend.  My profile is private because someone in Texas kept checking my profile like 12 times a day EVERYDAY and I don’t know anyone in Texas.  It was getting creepy, so as long as you’re not THAT person, send me a friend request.  I’m sure I’ll approve.


1 Comment

  1. GinnySkal said,

    August 24, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Um, too cute for words, especially the cat lick photos.

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