Wedding Madness Revealed

Alright folks, this is a looonnnnngggg post, but if you stay with me, I promise goodies at the end!!

As you all know, this weekend was my little brother’s wedding.  WIll and I dropped the “kids” off at April and James’ Wednesday night and then headed home to wait on the laundry that we needed to pack to be washed, dried, and packed into our suitcases.  We finally finished and went to bed around 1ish.  (procrastinate much?) We woke up at 6 a.m. to get ready, pack the last minute items, and get me to the airport on time.  With a quick detor to the Starbucks that Will works at for coffee, we were on our way.  Of course, on the way there, I happen to spill tiny amounts of coffee all over my shirt and not notice until after I’m in line for security.  My flight was pretty easy.  The only hold up I had was getting into the security line behind the Mom with tons of liquids (juice boxes, formula, etc) that weren’t packed into their own clear ziplock bag and under 4oz.  I literally stood in the exact same spot for 20 minutes while they unpacked her cases, pulled various liquid items and proceeded to explain to this woman the rules of security even though they are posted every 10 feet on giant signs. (you can see two large industrial sized trashcans full of confiscated liquid items where people think they can pack it deep into their suitcase and no one will notice)  This lady finally gets through security, which means I finally get through security in just enough time to buy a book, change my shirt, and board the plane. 

I get seated next to this increadibly cute family (mom, dad, baby girl) who are flying to Dallas, TX through ATL and read my book for the 1.5 hr flight.  The little girl was SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!! Her grandparents were across the isle and she wanted to go over there, but her Mom wouldn’t let her.  She offered me stickers and kept placing her tiny warm little hand on my arm and smiling the biggest little smile.  I wish I had taken my camera with me so I could have snapped some shots of her with her parents (unless that is creepy) because they were all so cute. 

Anyhow, I arrive in Atlanta, and my Mom is there to pick me up.  She has some errands to run (Mother of the Groom kind of stuff) and I desperately need a pedicure.  Desperately.  So, we proceed immediately to Chick-Fil-A, because I have only had Chick-Fil-A ONCE since I moved to Jupiter SIX MONTHS AGO!!  There is only one close by, but it’s like a 25-25 min. ordeal to get there.  Plus, it’s in a bad area of town and there are armed police officers on the premisies, so you know….has to be one hell of a craving to get me there.  I order my old standby – grilled chicken sand. combo w/ sweet tea and lemon.  I. AM. IN. HEAVEN. 

We end up going by Pharris Lumber (where I worked before we moved) and I got to see everyone for a few while Mom did some work.  Then we went to CJ and Mandy’s (my brother and his new Wife, weird, his WIFE) to pick up some things that needed to be delivered to the event center for the wedding.  And then came my pedicure. Let me just say, it cost me $18 for the pedi, and I tipped the poor girl 9$ on top of that because I was so embarassed by the state of my feet and she worked so hard that she was sweating when she was done.  I know, I’m ashamed.  But, my feet are really cute and my heels are a little sore where she was chiseling away at them with that crazy razor blade thing. Thankfully I can say that my feet were NEVER this bad.

Mom and I left the nail salon around 2:30, went home and played Guitar Hero, and showed up to the rehersal at 5.  We helped unload the car, set up a little, and then started the rehersal.  My brother is so funny, I swear.  He was talking a bunch of shit about how “I’m not going to cry, that’s stupid.  I won’t pass out, people keep telling me to not lock my knees” and everyone kept assuring him that it would be different when he saw Mandy walking down the isle, but we’re getting to that.  The rehersal ended (finally) and we all went to the rehersal dinner at Olive Garden.  We waited over an HOUR for any food/drinks to hit our table.  We had reservations for a party of 25 @ 7pm and when we got there, we only had 23 seats because each table was set up for 12 places, and some douchebag at a booth behind one of our tables had taken one of our seats.  We ended up with 28 people and two servers.  Now, before I go into any details about dinner, please understand that I was a server for a VERY LONG TIME and I’ve waited on my fair share of parties and I fully understand how hard of a job it can be.  Out of the two servers we had, one was wonderful and the other was a *dumbass bitch* who had no personality and was rude to the entire table.  (*I am paraphrasing here because I was at the other table and am only passing along the comments others made about her)  We still waited until after 8 pm for drinks, salad, breadsticks or soup to be delivered to our table, but once they got the ball rolling, we were good.  I ate WAY too much food and still had plenty to take home for Will to reheat later.  Now, during this time, Will was supposed to be getting on the 6:40 flight and when he arrives at the airport, he finds that his flight has been delayed by 2 hours and won’t be leaving until after 8:30.  So, we finish dinner, go home, play a little Wii and I take a shower so that I can wash my hair and put my Bumble and Bumble  products in it because Mom and I had hair appointments the next morning at 9:30 (and my hair is so baby fine that it never holds any style for very long).  Will finally calls me at 11pm to tell me that his plane landed and his Mom was already waiting on him, so I figured it would be about 11:40ish when he got in, so I stayed up and watched an episode of Scrubs.  When I didn’t hear from him by 11:30, I called again and THEY WERE STILL ON THE TARMACK!!! Needless to say, I went to bed.  He ended up calling me around 1am to tell me he was there so I could go let him in, and then I passed right back out.

The next morning, Mom and I headed to our hair appointment and I felt that I really needed to find a style that my hair could hold since we were getting ours done @ 9:30 in the morning and the wedding didn’t acually start until 6 in the evening!  So, I opted for an up-do with LOTS of hairspray.  I wore a really cute black and white polka-dot dress and some hot red heels that I got at Dillards last year for my birthday.  I was going for kind of a ‘retro/vintage’ thing and with my hair and makeup, I was totally able to pull it off.  I got a lot of compliments on my dress and hair that night, so yay!  So, Mom and I are the first to arrive at the hair salon to get our hair done and it takes them about an hour to finish the both of us.  Then it was off to Merle Norman to get our make-up done.  Right as we were finishing up there, Mandy called her Mom (who was getting her make up done by then) and said that she forgot her veil at the event center, could someone bring it to her so they could finish her hair?  Well, of course Mom says that we could do it since we were literally across the street from the event center.  I went inside, asked the gentlemen moving chairs if he knew where it was and he brought me out this GIANT PUFFY BAG with a veil sitting on top.  Now, I wasn’t sure if this whole thing was a veil or just to hold the shape of the veil, so Mom said to bring it all, and I did.  We drove back across town to where Mandy was getting her hair done and when I went to open the back door to get the veil off the back seat,  the VEIL STARTED TO FALL!!  So, I let go of the heavy ass Navigator door, which slammed into my arm, to protect the veil from getting dirty.  I then take it inside to Mandy who says, ” That bag is what goes under the dress, it wasn’t supposed to come here!! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to take it back when I’m finished.”  No “Thanks, but..” or anything.  I was a little peeved, especially since I had just sacrificed my arm to keep her veil clean.  I mean, I know that brides are super stressed the day of the wedding or whatever, but since I had been in town and seen her several times, this was SERSIOUSLY the first thing she had said to me the ENTIRE TIME. 

Moving on, after getting our make up finished, Mom and I went on the prowl for a red flower for my hair to finish off my “vintage” look.  I had no luck at Target, so we just went to Michael’s and bought a single fake red flower, cut the stem off, and stuck it into my hair.  I then fidigeted with my hair for the next 7 hours or so to try and keep it as perfect as possible.  I also tried not to sweat which is hard to do when the A/C is busted in Georgia in August.

So, onto the wedding already.  I commend all of you who have stuck with me thus far.  Here is your reward, pictures!!

The ceremony itself was very short and sweet and tears were shed by Me, My Mom, and BOTH the Bride and Groom (who said he wouldn’t cry, remember?).  It was very cute and then onto the reception we went:

Here is a picture of Will and Me before the ceremony.  (I loved my hair!!)


And here is Will and I with My Great Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim, who acted as the Honorary Grandparents.  Linda is My Grandfathers Sister and he passed away about 2 years ago this September.  CJ and I have no living Grandparents, so Linda and Jim will also be my Honorary Grandparents.


And here is a family portrait.  My Mom, Dad, CJ, and Me all growed up and dressed nice……WOW!! (I have no idea why my brother is making that face!!)


And now the parents:


And finally, my two favorite of the Bride and Groom:




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