In Case of Fire…

Do you ever think about all the things you would grab in case your home caught on fire?? Well, I do.  Right after all LIVING things were captured and moved to safety, there is NOTHING in the entire universe that would stop me from going back to get these three items:

 My Elvis Jewelry Box:





























This box was given to me by My Uncle Jerry.  It was originally intended for my Grandmother who was OBSESSED with Elvis.  Unfortunately, the year he was going to give it to her, she went into the hospital and never came out.  So, now it is mine, along with some other Elvis memorabilia.

My Locket and the box it came in:

This is a locket that My Mom gave me the following Christmas after my Grandmother passed away and the beautiful box she wrapped it in.  The photo on the left is a picture of My Grandmother holding me the day I was brought home from the hospital and the photo on the right is my favorite photo of My Mom and me from when I was little.  This is the only gift I have ever been given that has made me cry and it is one of my most prized possessions.  I plan on wearing this locket when I walk down the isle at my wedding as my ‘something old’.

My Grandparents Marriage Certificate:3





This is a photo of My Grandparents marriage certificate from 1957.  It is really that color, I didn’t put any photo filters on it.  It is nicotine-stained because my Grandmother had it framed in this cheap metal frame and hanging in her bedroom.  My Grandfather smoked like a chimney until the day he passed away from emphysema.  My Grandmother passed away from a very rare form of cancer that you only develop through second hand smoke in 2001.  We never told my Grandfather.  It now hangs (laminated to protect it) in a beautiful frame in my home.  Someday, I will add my parents and my own marriage certificates (hint, hint, Will) right beside it.

So, tell me, what are the top 3 non-living items that you would grab from your home if it caught on fire??  Post on your blog and link back here!!


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