Furday Friday #9

We are successful, people!! Check it out:

I’m not quite sure why he looks so scared, but it took a lot of coaxing and giving him small pieces of the first treat (as you can see in the right picture) and putting it in between his eyes again, to get him to just leave it alone.  Eventually, he grasped the concept, but he still looks terrified. 

And of course, we cannot forget our goal with Mia:

 Of course she can balance the snack, but the shot glass really threw her for a loop.  I had to break out the good stuff (sliced ham) to get her to do that.  I’m sure with the three day weekend, I can work with her a little more and she will become a little bit more familiar with objects vs. treats, so maybe by next week we’ll have some really interesting photos of Mia the Balancing Wonder Dog. 

 The dogs aren’t the only ones who can do tricks, either.  Just check Sammy out:

He stands up for treats, but that is about it.  Olivia does NOTHING.  She won’t even take a treat from your hand, you have to put it on the floor for her to even consider it. Cause, you know, the floor is cleaner than our hands and she licks her butt and that is cleaner than our hands too. 

Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.  I’m sure Will and I will make our way to the beach (sans dogs) to enjoy the holiday.


Bucket List 26-50

Continuing from this post, I bring you 26-50 on my own personal Bucket List:

26.  Skydive/bungee jump/be an adrenaline junkie for a week.

27.  Honeymoon in Santorini, Greece

28.  Drop 100 lbs.

29.  Get out of debt

30.  Have Alton Brown cook dinner for me

31.  Have Curtis Stone make dinner for me

32.  Own these dishes.

33.  Write a Broadway play using only Christina Aguilera music.

34.  See Graceland

35.  Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

36.  See Wicked on Broadway.

37.  Eat at all of the Places featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (no, it won’t help me w/ #28)

38.  Take a Stunt Driving Course

39.  Live in Hawaii on the ocean.

40.  Have my portrait painted.

41.  See a space shuttle launch (we live close enough now!!)

42.  Learn to dance properly for our wedding.

43.  Go up in a hot air balloon.

44.  Learn to play piano.

45.  Write a children’s book.

46. Publish a children’s book.

47.  See THE Mona Lisa.

48.  Save 1 million dollars by the time I’m 45. (yeah, right)

49.  See the northern lights.

50.  Adopt a baby.

So, that’s another 25 on my Bucket List.  How about you??

20 Something Bloggers

So I joined a new community the other day and am finally getting around to setting it all up.  Go check it out:


The image was made by dutchess of kickball, go check out her blog now, I’ll wait.

Adorable, right?  Anyhow, I’m going to be updating my blogroll very soon to show all the blogs I frequent daily if anyone is interested.  Until then, I’m just wasting time working until it’s time to go home for the day.

Yesterday when I got home, there was a notice on our door that ‘maintenance men’ would be entering our apartment to look into our attic spaces and to have all pets secured in the downstairs because they would be working upstairs.  This letter made me panic in a way that IS NOT NORMAL.  See, we have 4 animals in one town home and only 1 of them is registered and paid for.  Plus there is a 2 pet maximum. See why I get nervous?? So the first thing I did was frantically check the neighbors doors to see if any of them had the same letter in their door or if we were being singled out because someone had ratted us out and the “attic” reason was just an excuse for them to come inside, see our pets, and evict us.  Well, two other doors had letters stuck in them, so I relaxed a little and went inside.  When I went upstairs to change, I looked all around for some attic access and found none.  Not even in the closets.  Of course, my paranoia radar spiked again and I called Will all freaked out.  He assured me that it was okay and that we wouldn’t be evicted that he was sure it was the maintenance guys (who have been in our home before to change a light bulb that took 6 weeks to get) so I calmed down a little.  After that, I became aware of how DIRTY our house was and how much it needed to be cleaned because I couldn’t have a perfect stranger come in and see that the toilets needed scrubbing or that dust had collected on the entertainment center or my hairbrush on the counter in my bathroom, that is just unacceptable.  After dinner, Will and I detail-cleaned.  You know the kind of cleaning you do when you know people are coming over to your house and you want to make the best impression possible.  It took us about an hour and a half until I was satisfied and could relax again.  (don’t judge me, I know I’m not the only one)

Here’s hoping when I get home we’re not evicted!!

Weekend Wrap-up

This past weekend was such a relaxing weekend for Will and I.  He had Friday night off, so we had the first “date night” we’ve had in a really long time.  We went out for sushi and split three different rolls along with some edamameand soup.  It was really delicious and long overdue.  Then, we went and saw Pineapple Express which was very funny.  Kinda gross and violent at times, but funny none-the-less.  I recommend it.  Not so much as a romantic date movie, but more of a ‘bromance’ movie with the guys/girls.  Anyhow, Saturday marks the first day in OVER A FREAKIN’ MONTH that we’ve gotten to sleep in until we couldn’t sleep no more.  We made it until about 11 a.m. and then I’d had enough.  Will had to work SB that night, so we just kinda hung around and relaxed.  We made breakfast and watched some stuff that was on the DVR (Psych, Monk) and then he went to work (BOO!).  When he came home from work, he brought me a couple of surprises – first being a berry stella (a pastry thing w/ oats and dried fruit shaped like a star. Very yummy)  the second being that he got his shift covered for Sunday and we had AN. ENTIRE. DAY. OFF. TOGETHER!!  I was beyond excited.  That meant TWO days in a freakin’ row to sleep in and an entire day of Will and I together.  Of course, we slept in again, until about 10:30, then we went to Einstein’s Bros. Bagels  for breakfast and then went grocery shopping (yawn! I know, but it’s gotta be done) where we bought vacuum bags (my carpet was turning black from the thick coat of Guinness hair that had over run it) and stuff to make home made pizza later this week (YUM!!)  Then we came home and cleaned house (and by that I mean Will vacuumed and I put away groceries and Windexed all the glass tables.)  Somehow we got it into our brains that taking the dogs to the beach would be a really good idea, so we packed up a gallon of water that we keep in the fridge just for this occasion, dog toys, towels, changed into our swimsuits, ran the dogs around outside first to wear them out a little so they aren’t so nuts by the time we get to the beach, and made the 5 minute drive over there.  Of course, we were INSANE when we made this decision because Mia started growling at the first dog who came over to greet them (another female, of course) and when we decided that Guinness was being good and should be let off the leash, he ran off after another dog (ugh!) and so then we put them back on their leashes and walked them down the shore line a little while.  I have to say, the ocean after a tropical storm/hurricane is pretty gross.  The water was so brown it actually looked like lake water and most of the shore had been washed away because of the large waves crashing the sand, so there were HUGE ‘hills’ in the sand to get down to the water.  Anywho, we had a really hard time keeping the dogs in check and with the gross water, we didn’t really want to stay too long, so after about an hour or so, we packed up and headed home.

After bathing the dogs and showering ourselves, we ordered a greek pizza for dinner (Yum-O!) and settled in to watch tv where we napped on the couch for about an hour.  When we woke up, we boiled some edamame and watched the Roast of Bob Saget that we had recorded and then flipped over to see that Gene Simmons was also getting roasted on A&E.  Both were very funny, but Gene Simmons had Lisa Lampanelli at his roast, and she is Hil-ar-ious!!  Don’t believe me?? Go check her out on YouTube.  She is kinda vulgar, so if you’re not into that kind of stuff, I would recommend that you stay put.  Anyhow, that is my weekend wrap-up.  I actually started this post on Monday, got busy and forgot it, so I’m finishing it today and voila!

Furday Friday #8

I have FINALLY had some time to take and edit some pictures this week for Furday Friday.  This past week or so, I’ve been trying to teach Guinness patience.  You got to see some of the progress last week, and here is your update:


















We are now able to leave the treats on his paws and he will completely ignore them.  His head, however, is a different story:

















If I take my hand away from under his chin, he will tilt his head and eat the biscuit.  I also have to put it in between his eyes or he tries incessantly to lick it off of his nose.  Mia, on the other hand, is a showoff:

















She just likes to rub it in that she is an expert at this.  I need to start challenging her by trying to balance different things other than dog treats on her nose/head.  Maybe I’ll start that after I get Guinness trained to do this trick first.

Other than my feature on PopCandy (which is AWESOME!) my day has been filled with work and bill paying (yay!)  So, for your Friday night, here are some extra pictures for you.  (Especially for the guy who says my pictures are horrible and felt compelled to say so earlier today.)














































 Hope everyone has a great weekend! I look forward to reading about it on Monday!!

I’ve been featured!!

Go on over and check it out!! I’m the featured reader of the day on PopCandy!!

Five Fame F***ers List

After reading this post, I wanted to list my five celebrity “get out of jail free” cards that Will and I had agreed upon:

1.  Ryan Reynolds

2. Dane Cook

3.  Zach Braff

(because I can’t link to this picture for some reason)









4.  Dwayne Johnson (yes, it’s The Rock)

5. Billy Zane


Who are yours??

Insert cute post ‘play on words’ title here

Thanks to Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane) Faye, I am having a very dreary day.  A few bullet points of how my day is going so far:

  • Tropical Storm and inclement weather SUCKS (this is my first hurricane btw)
  • Got fired from Publix for calling out tonight – details in a later post
  • The copier has jammed on me TWICE and spilled powdered toner all over me and everything in sight
  • My soup for lunch was crappy – not a big deal but not helping my already crappy day
  • All I feel like doing is sleeping but since I’m at work, I can’t. 

I really hope this Monday is being nice to all of you and to prove that, I will leave you with some pictures from this weekend that I edited today:


I caught this rare moment that Olivia wasn’t being a total bitch and was actually being kinda sweet to Sammy.  They took turns grooming each other and the SECOND Olivia realized I had my camera and was paying attention to them, she darted under the table and hid and shot me dirty looks:

















So what did Sammy do?

We had to put a little bit of that Ph solution in Guinness’ ears because he is very prone to ear infections, so of course they got pictures, too:

Mia is checking on Guinness because he is in the process of rubbing his head all over my floor to try and rub that solution out.  I thought it was really cute, so I tried to get some good pictures, but of course Mia kept getting in the way.  She HAS to be the center of attention all the time:

So, enjoy these lovely pictures and then visit some of the blogs listed on my blogroll if you are interested in who I read.  Also, I have noticed that a lot of you have clicked the link on my Myspace profile, but alas, mine is private.  If you have a profile, just add me as a friend.  My profile is private because someone in Texas kept checking my profile like 12 times a day EVERYDAY and I don’t know anyone in Texas.  It was getting creepy, so as long as you’re not THAT person, send me a friend request.  I’m sure I’ll approve.

Ah, the difference 20+ years makes

I stumbled across this photo of me when I was little on a photo ordering profile I had created a couple of years ago to make some Christmas presents for the family and I decided to share it with you:


I know you will forgive the grainy and blownout look of this picture because it was taken circa 1984-85ish.  It was Christmas morning and I was completely enthralled by this little view finder.  I know it’s blurry, but if you look at the giant eight-track type “tape” sticking out – it’s Sesame Street!!  Plus, look at that SWEET Rainbow Brite Doll in the background too!

Yeah, I was cool.

I’m not quite sure what the rules are for Nik’s Funky Photo Friday  postings, but I think I’ll include this one cause it’s me and I’m cute. And on that note:

I know it’s Friday and I have no Furday Friday pictures to post because I’ve been working two jobs all week and haven’t really had time to photograph anything.  My typical day begins at 6:00 a.m. when Will’s alarm goes off.  He almost NEVER hears it and I end up waking him up just so he can hit the snooze button until 6:30 when MY alarm goes off.  He then meanders into the shower and I sleep until 7:10ish when he gets out of the shower and comes and kisses me good morning.  Then I stumble around the bathroom getting ready and go downstairs and with groggy brain and bleary eyes, attempt to put on make-up while I drink my FREE Starbucks coffee.  (Will gets a free pound every week at Starbucks, so we have stockpiled coffee for future the Apocalypse. (whole beans because apparently it lasts longer) Hmmm…as I’m writing this I am thinking that maybe I could bribe you people with FREE OVERPRICED COFFEE to de-lurk yourselves and start leaving some comments around here. I’m gonna think about that and I’ll get back to you.

 Anyhow, I leave for work around 8ish and am at HRC until 5:30.  I rush home to change, walk the dogs, eat a sandwich and leave for Publix around 6:10 in case I catch the bridge AND the train.  Then I work until 10:30 in my awesome hairnet (yuck) in the deli at Publix and come home to shower and pass out.  6 a.m. rolls around and I start the same process all over again.

Alright, as the Queen of TMI, I’m going to get back to work and think up a great contest to do here where you folks can win some coffee, and maybe some other great prize!

Manga Me, Please

Because I was bored at work today, I did this:

Me:                                                                               Will:

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