Time to get serious

I’ve been noticing that this blog is slowly turning into a “photography” blog.  (I use that term loosely because I’m not a professional.)  That was never my intention for this, so something must be done to correct this oversight.  I will still post lots of pictures because it’s a large part of who I am, but I will also get back to regular postings – with WORDS.  I am challenging myself to write a post each day next week with something interesting in it.  (it’s the interesting part that’s gonna be hard)  I plan on starting this as soon as I get back from my Brother’s wedding, so if anyone sees me walking around with a little notepad, scribbling things down, don’t freak out – I’m just writing down every word you say so I can remember it and embarrass you online with my 4 readers (Hey Mom!) So, until this challenge officially starts, here are some random pictures because I can:


 A dog and his bone!! 




 A ‘family’ portrait:

Look who’s got a Budda Belly!!

Wishing for freedom:

Miss Mia and her amazing FETCH abilities:


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