Furday Friday #6

This week it’s all about Guinness.  Lately he has been extra sweet.  I’ve stopped using the leashes when I take them out to potty and instead I take the ball or a stick and tell them to “go potty” and he’ll run over to the grass, do his #1 business and then run back to me all excited like “come on, Mommy, throw the ball, I went potty!” and then I have to tell him “No, go POTTY, Guinness” and he will run back to the grass and, if he needs to he’ll automatically do his #2 business.  I’ll clean up behind him and then we throw the ball/stick/etc until he is too tired to play anymore.  If I am pressed for time, say in the mornings before work, I’ll throw it a couple of times and he’s happy.  So, here are some pictures of him with the ball and/or sticks.







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