Exposaroonie Challenge – Framing

I have racked my brain all week about this challenge and finally I came up with an idea.  We have this playground in our complex that we have walked by when we are playing with the dogs outside and I decided to use the equipment there as a “frame” and take my photos.  Here is the one I am submitting for the Exposaroonie Challenge:

If I understood the challenge correctly, I needed to use outside objects to frame my subject to give depth and interest.  Hopefully, you can tell that she is in a tunnel and that the outside of it gives it some depth and a frame so to speak.  Go on over and vote for your favorite or, better yet, Expose Yourself!

Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself


And just so you can see, here are the other shots that I considered:


Since we were there, I decided to take some shots of the other equipment around the playground.  I didn’t want to edit out all the scratches and damage when I sharpened it so you could see them.  I may edit another version later and try to make it look ‘new’.

I think this one is supposed to be a hammer head shark?!?  I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it has a lot of acid rain damage on it’s head and it looks like it’s wearing a sailor’s hat and I’m not sure why it has polka dots on it’s side, but it’s definitely interesting.  I think I will go back and edit this one again later and try to get rid of a lot of that rain damage.  When I do, I’ll post for comparison.


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