Furday Friday…er Thursday

It’s that time again!  Furday Friday isn’t really until tomorrow, but this week we get a three day weekend and with Will’s family coming into town tonight, I plan on staying off the computer as much as possible and spending time enjoying the beach, good food, and good company. I hope you are all doing the same!  Now, on with the pictures.  This week I am featuring Sammy.  I probably have the least amount of pictures of him because he ALWAYS closes his eyes and he’s almost always asleep.  Or eating.   He’s very much a ‘momma’s boy’ because he will come to me when I call him, just like a dog. Most cats don’t do that.  He will almost NEVER go to Will when he calls him and a lot of the time he will actually run away when Will tries to pick him up or just bend over and pet him.  If you do manage to pick him up (all 15lbs of him) and you try to kiss him on the head or nuzzle his face, he meows this pitiful meow and acts like you are just BURNING OFF HIS FUR AND FLESH AND OH MY GOD IT’S SO PAINFUL PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN!!!!  So we do this as often as possible, because if you recall, agitating one another is how we show love in our house.

Sammy Chillin\'

Sammy Modeling

Couch Potato

Fatboy        Picture Perfect















Sammy is just your typical neutered tomcat.  Lazy, fat, and very chill.  He does spook easily and if you leave anything out in a plastic bag, he will try to chew through the bag and get to what is inside.  Recently he tried chewing through a bag of roasted edamame and found he didn’t like it too much!


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