Time to get serious

I’ve been noticing that this blog is slowly turning into a “photography” blog.  (I use that term loosely because I’m not a professional.)  That was never my intention for this, so something must be done to correct this oversight.  I will still post lots of pictures because it’s a large part of who I am, but I will also get back to regular postings – with WORDS.  I am challenging myself to write a post each day next week with something interesting in it.  (it’s the interesting part that’s gonna be hard)  I plan on starting this as soon as I get back from my Brother’s wedding, so if anyone sees me walking around with a little notepad, scribbling things down, don’t freak out – I’m just writing down every word you say so I can remember it and embarrass you online with my 4 readers (Hey Mom!) So, until this challenge officially starts, here are some random pictures because I can:


 A dog and his bone!! 




 A ‘family’ portrait:

Look who’s got a Budda Belly!!

Wishing for freedom:

Miss Mia and her amazing FETCH abilities:



This week is going to be a little hectic for me because Will and I are getting ready to go back home for my Brothers wedding on Friday, so the postings will be slim to none.  I am still going to try to participate in this weeks Exposaroonie Challenge, but I may have to skip it.  I doubt I will be able to do a Furday Friday post this week because I will be super busy getting ready for the wedding and being at the wedding, so I will try to get something up Saturday if I have time (maybe some guest doggies??).  If not, I’ll see all of you good folks on Monday and I hope your week is super!!  I’m positive that I will have PLENTY of pictures for you next week!!

Oh, and before I forget, I watched Grace is Gone, a John Cusak  film about a dad who takes his kids on a road trip after finding out that their mom (a solider) has died in action and he can’t find a way to tell them, and I have to say I cried through almost the whole film.  (I’m such a girl, I know) It was a really great movie and it really showcases what a great range that John Cusak has. It looked like he put on a little weight for this film and for once, his sister Joan wasn’t in it.  John Cusak is probably one of my favorite actors, he’s definitely one of Will’s.  Anyhow, check it out if you have some downtime!!  If you watch it, let me know what you thought!

Just for good measure, here is a picture!  I am still trying to learn how to use photoshop to get the effects that I want, and here is a re-edit of Sammy’s Paws.  It wasn’t exactly what I was going for, but more of a ‘happy accident’  Let me know which one you like better.









And here’s the original:

Furday Friday #7

This week is all about Mia just because I have a bunch of photos of her from this week that I’ve been wanting to post.  Enjoy!
















“The Hammer is my penis”

By far this was my favorite song from the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog.  If you didn’t watch it, it’s available on I tunes for like, $2, but you can catch some snippets on YouTube.  I really can’t wait for the DVD to come out because I will totally be buying it.

Best Shots of the week (so far)


There is no picture of Olivia because I’m afraid if I think about her too much, I might just shave her.  She dumped water all over my blackberry and now it’s not working.  So, I went from my awesome blackberry to a stupid razor.  I am so pissed off at her.  I know she is a cat, but this wasn’t the first time she dumped my glass of water all over everything.  She seems to think that MY water is HER water and she can stick her dirty little paw in it and drink it.  Oh well.  Until I can afford to get a new crackberryblackberry (or an Iphone) the razor will have to do.




Furday Friday #6

This week it’s all about Guinness.  Lately he has been extra sweet.  I’ve stopped using the leashes when I take them out to potty and instead I take the ball or a stick and tell them to “go potty” and he’ll run over to the grass, do his #1 business and then run back to me all excited like “come on, Mommy, throw the ball, I went potty!” and then I have to tell him “No, go POTTY, Guinness” and he will run back to the grass and, if he needs to he’ll automatically do his #2 business.  I’ll clean up behind him and then we throw the ball/stick/etc until he is too tired to play anymore.  If I am pressed for time, say in the mornings before work, I’ll throw it a couple of times and he’s happy.  So, here are some pictures of him with the ball and/or sticks.






Exposaroonie Challenge – Framing

I have racked my brain all week about this challenge and finally I came up with an idea.  We have this playground in our complex that we have walked by when we are playing with the dogs outside and I decided to use the equipment there as a “frame” and take my photos.  Here is the one I am submitting for the Exposaroonie Challenge:

If I understood the challenge correctly, I needed to use outside objects to frame my subject to give depth and interest.  Hopefully, you can tell that she is in a tunnel and that the outside of it gives it some depth and a frame so to speak.  Go on over and vote for your favorite or, better yet, Expose Yourself!

Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself


And just so you can see, here are the other shots that I considered:


Since we were there, I decided to take some shots of the other equipment around the playground.  I didn’t want to edit out all the scratches and damage when I sharpened it so you could see them.  I may edit another version later and try to make it look ‘new’.

I think this one is supposed to be a hammer head shark?!?  I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it has a lot of acid rain damage on it’s head and it looks like it’s wearing a sailor’s hat and I’m not sure why it has polka dots on it’s side, but it’s definitely interesting.  I think I will go back and edit this one again later and try to get rid of a lot of that rain damage.  When I do, I’ll post for comparison.


This video seriously just gave me chills.  I love how Mandy Moore keeps time with the original, but puts so much more depth and emotion into her version.  I absolutely LOVE it!!

Lazy Days

Will and I didn’t do too much over the weekend, plus, my brain isn’t functioning properly for some reason today.  So, instead of an actual, interesting post, I’m just going to share with you some things that I really love.  When we went to the turtle rescue here in Juno Beach, not only did I get to adopt a turtle, we also bought a key chain and a really awesome decorative turtle bowl.  Check it out:



I absolutely love these two items, and sadly, I hope to go back to purchase more turtle-related objects in the future. >it’s okay, you can say it – I’m a dork and I know. I embrace it.< 

The only thing we DID actually do was go see Hellboy II.  I really enjoyed it, but Will thought it was “too cute” and that it should have been more “grown up”.  I thought it mirrored the first one just fine and left it open to a third.  So, in my *expert* opinion – go see it, it was cute.

I am having a hard time with this week’s Exposaroonie Challenge, but hopefully I’ll find something to photograph by Friday.  I seriously have NO IDEA what to photograph for this challenge.  Will really hates it when I take his photo, and getting the dogs to actually work out a PLANNED shot for me is almost impossible.  I’ll just have to think outside the box, I guess.

Furday Friday #5

This past week, our dogs have been in RARE form.  They have been so very bad.  Really it’s mostly been Mia and I swear it’s because she is pitching a tantrum because Grandma and the kids left.  She has been very pushy, wanting A LOT of attention and snapping on Guinness when he gets in her way.  She was being a butt at the beach with the other dogs, and she has been going upstairs and eating the cat poop out of the litter box.  I mean, gross.  She has been in trouble pretty much every single day this week for either eating cat poop (which we caught her doing TWICE), chewing up the cat toys, eating the cat food, or not listening to simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ when  we take them outside. 

Yesterday, I really thought all this had changed because she was being so good.  When I got home, I took the two dogs out to go to the bathroom and they were both so good.  Guinness found himself a stick and proceeded to occupy himself while waiting on Mia to find a suitable spot to go.  I let them run around without their leashes (even though I’m not supposed to) and burn some energy off.  I had my camera with me and did some ‘point and shoot’ and hoped for the best.  It’s hard to frame a shot when you have two dogs running around like a couple of prisoners who just broke out of a maximum security prison.  I got a few lucky shots, so check it out:



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