In the interest of fairness…

Yesterday Will came home from his new job telling me about the lady who he is now sharing an office with and how her husband also suffers from crohn’s disease.  This irked me a little bit at first because I’m wondering how this conversation came up (he doesn’t remember b/c he’s a man, you know) but I just knew  that he had been talking about me and my personal issues.  Well, this anger didn’t last long because literally a second later, it dawned on me that he didn’t have anyone that he could talk to about what he went through with me.  It wasn’t all about me.  This thing had happened to him as well, and given the circumstances, he could have just washed his hands and walked away from me.  But he didn’t.  He stayed and took care of me and he deals with certain lifestyle changes as well as I do.  He understands that after a nice meal out, we can’t go directly to the beach or anywhere that is far from a restroom, because logic dictates that I will have to govery soon.  This is just one of the very small, insignificant changes we have made, but a sacrifice nonetheless.  Now he has someone he can bond with over that.  Someone that he can complain or just talk to about it that really getsit without hurting that person’s (IE me) feelings.  I can’t be mad about that, and in fact, I am actually pleased about it. So, I think there should totally be a PFLAG-type group for family members with Crohn’s Disease too. Now all I need is a cute anagram for it.

Crohn's Funny

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  1. Marianne said,

    June 25, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Interesting post. I’ve kind of gotten over being embarrassed about health topics at this point in my life but it sure took me a long time. It really is nice when our family members realize what we go through and we do want to raise awareness. 🙂

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