Furday Friday #2

It’s that time again, folks! This week I will be highlighting Guinness, the newest, and largest of our furry friends:

Guinness Playing in the Ocean 











Guinness Smiling











Guinness b&w













Guinness on beach


Guinness got his name because he is the colors of Will’s favorite Irish concoction: A black and tan.  We couldn’t name him Black and Tan b/c that would just be weird, so we named him Guinness since you make a black and tan with Guinness and Bass Ale.  And let me tell you, he lives up to his namesake – He LOVES beer.  Specifically Guinness beer.  He’ll try to lick the bottles of any beer that Will is drinking, but he gets a little bit more excited when its Guinness.  Who knew we’d be making him an alcoholic with a name like that??


1 Comment

  1. goodbear said,

    June 20, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    that is a REALLY cute dog. great pictures, too.

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