Furday Friday

I’d like to start doing a weekly post featuring one of my ‘babies’ each Friday, hence FURDAY FRIDAY is born!

This week, I’m going to start with Olivia because, if you recall, she was our first pet.

Vampires prefer the shadows

She is such a beautiful cat, but she has SO MUCH hair and it’s almost impossible to really brush her because she gets annoyed quickly and runs off. (less cute are the nasty hairballs she likes to leave in our bed)  She is pretty much thatcat who only wants affection when she wants it and if you try to pick her up and love on her, she runs away.  But, if you’re patient and you let her come to you, then she will curl up with you and love on you for hours. Oh yeah, she’s also incredibly buck-toothed:

Vampire Cat

We see her little buck-teeth all the time, but they are hard to photograph because when you get near her with the camera, it’s like she knowsand tucks them back in.  But she looks like a little vampire cat. It cracks me up!!  She is also the DEFINITION of the phrase ‘curious as a cat’ because she isn’t afraid of anything.  She wants to get into it, on top of it, sniff it, scratch it, taste it, and figure it out.  Once she’s done this and she’s satisfied you will find her asleep on my glass top coffee table where she leaves all her fur behind. 

When she was a kitten, we used to let her play in empty paper bags and she would get into them and I would spin them around and around by the handle (on the floor) and she would love it. She also likes for Will to flip her all around in the air like a kid and toss her onto the couch.  She’ll come right back to him so he’ll do it again.  When shes had enough, she’ll just walk away.  She has so much personality that she won over Will’s (feline-hating, death-to-all-cats-everywhere, ice-covered stone of a) heart in ONE DAY.  If our old computer hadn’t died and kept all of our kitten pictures of her, I could show you what a cute kitten she was and also upload a video of her in that Olive Garden bag she loved so much.  One day we’ll get all that stuff recovered and I’ll post it, until then, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Olivia B&W










Tune in next week for another FURDAY FRIDAY!!


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