eeep op ork ah ah (that means I love you)

Will and I have our own “language” that no one else understands.  We once went to this birthday party for a friend of ours named Kathy and met her new boyfriend.  We were familiar with almost everyone else at the party, so we were pretty comfortable and felt no need to hide the bizarreness that is “US”.  We talk a lot of smack with one another and often threaten physical violence, but all in the name of love.  Well, apparently Kathy’s new bf didn’t understand this and actually said to her that he was afraid that Will was abusive towards me, which made us literally laugh out loud because for anyone who’s actually spent ANY TIME AT ALL with us knows that if there was actually any physical abuse going on in our relationship, it would be the other way around.   Plus, my family doesn’t really ‘get’ us either.  They don’t understand how two people who ‘argue’ so much can stand to live together, much less LOVE each other.  What they fail to realize is that the aggravation and frustration that we like to inflict on one another is actually a twisted form of foreplay.  Case in point, the following an actual conversation that we have on an almost daily basis:

Me (hugging Will): I love you.

Will (hugging me back): I love you, too, baby.

Me: more than anything.

Will: more than anything or anyone.

Me: plus one

Will: bitch

Me: Pain in my ass

And this is how we tell each other we love one another.  What’s the problem?? Why don’t people get it?

Nikki and Will   




Christmas 2007








hold my hand






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