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Olivia playing in the sink.  Simple, yet cute.  Enjoy!

Olivia in sink


Joss Whedon, how I love thee…

This is going to be incredibly awesome.  Too awesome for words:


I cannot even express how much I love all things Joss Whedon.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is by far my favorite show of all time.

Furday Friday #3

This Friday’s featured furball photos (say that five times fast) are all about Mia.  She is a terrier mix we adopted about 2 years ago and she is so sweet and LOVES to cuddle.  She is our little “cuddlebug” and she loves to curl up in your lap even though she is about 40 lbs! She is ALWAYS getting compared to Winn Dixie, (which I can see a little) Benji, (which I don’t see AT ALL) and Rox (the german shepard mix from look who’s talking now), but I think she is MUCH cuter than any of those dogs.



Mia outside

Mia Pink Collar



Mia on Beach

Life or Death?


This was a picture that I took over a year ago at my parents house.  It was just lying there, dead on their walkway.  So, I took a picture of it.  I’ve been playing around with the photoshop software and adding different photo filters, and I really liked how it ended up.  I’ve gotten some previous advice on making the horizon horizontal, so when I tried that for this picture in photoshop, it didn’t change very much at all, but I kinda liked it off kilter with this picture because I feel it gives it a more “fell over dead” kind of feeling.  That’s just me.  I’ll post the original picture for comparison.

Remember, feedback is always welcome!

My own “bucket list”

Being inspired by this post, I’ve decided to write my own “to do” list.  I will add/update them along the way.  Here are my first 25:

1.  Learn Italian

2.  Travel to Italy

3.  Buy a macro lens and learn how to use it properly

4.  Become a professional photographer

5.  Retire Early

6.  Swim with dolphins

7.  Hire Rob/Maggie Dobi to photograph my wedding

8.  Take my parents on a cruise

9.  Start a family

10.  Open a no-kill animal shelter

11.  Adopt another dog

12.  Have lunch with Joss Whedon

13.  See the pyramids in Egypt

14.  Punch Meredith Vieira in the face

15.  Learn to cook cornbread as good as my Grandmother

16.  Learn my Mom’s dressing recipe

17.  Learn how to sail a yacht

18.  Own a yacht

19.  Travel to all 50 states and take pictures next to their weirdest tourist attraction

20.  Host a CCFA event to raise awareness of Crohn’s, UC, and IBD

21.  Spread some of my Grandmother’s ashes in Graceland

22.  Learn Japanese

23.  Take up Yoga

24.  Wake up early enough to see the sunrise over the ocean

25.  Have a Black and Tan with Will in an Ireland pub (I don’t usually drink beer, but on this one, I’ll make an exception.)

And just for good measure, here is a completely unrelated picture for you to give feedback on:

Dolphin Excursion

Continuing with our Photography Week here, I’ve got another picture for you.  This one was taken about a year ago in Pensacola, FL.  Will and I went on a dolphin excursion and had a great time.  We got to see a ton of dolphins and we got some really great shots.  Here are two of the best ones.  Let me know what you think!

Fish out of water

A fish windchime that I photographed a while back and used to practice learning photoshop on. I like how this picture came out with what is left of all the colors and how bright they are with very little saturation.  Kinda wishing I had used this for the exposaroonie challenge instead, but oh well.  This is my second attempt at a watermark and I like it A LOT more.

Let me know what you think or what you would have done differently.  I love comments and feedback!



For all of you stuck at work, wishing you were on vacation, I give you this photo. There’s almost nothing better than this:

This is also my first attempt at inserting a copyright watermark.  I’ll probably change it again, but this is my first foray into Photoshop editing.  

In the interest of fairness…

Yesterday Will came home from his new job telling me about the lady who he is now sharing an office with and how her husband also suffers from crohn’s disease.  This irked me a little bit at first because I’m wondering how this conversation came up (he doesn’t remember b/c he’s a man, you know) but I just knew  that he had been talking about me and my personal issues.  Well, this anger didn’t last long because literally a second later, it dawned on me that he didn’t have anyone that he could talk to about what he went through with me.  It wasn’t all about me.  This thing had happened to him as well, and given the circumstances, he could have just washed his hands and walked away from me.  But he didn’t.  He stayed and took care of me and he deals with certain lifestyle changes as well as I do.  He understands that after a nice meal out, we can’t go directly to the beach or anywhere that is far from a restroom, because logic dictates that I will have to govery soon.  This is just one of the very small, insignificant changes we have made, but a sacrifice nonetheless.  Now he has someone he can bond with over that.  Someone that he can complain or just talk to about it that really getsit without hurting that person’s (IE me) feelings.  I can’t be mad about that, and in fact, I am actually pleased about it. So, I think there should totally be a PFLAG-type group for family members with Crohn’s Disease too. Now all I need is a cute anagram for it.

Crohn's Funny

photo by: http://crohnievballer.deviantart.com/


Okay, I’ve offically entered into my first photo challenge at Exposaroonie. Go check it out! This weeks challenge is vibrant colors.  This is a photograph that I took in the cemetary where my grandparents are buried.  It is a very old, historic cemetary and this was the only real flower in the entire thing, so I laid down and took an undershot of it.  I really like how it came out, so I oversaturated it a little and brightened the hue, and added a border.  Hope you like it!! Go check out the other entries and vote for mine if you like it!


 Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself


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