I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with the cuteness that is my furry family, so we will introduce my furry babies slowly.  We will start with Olivia, our first pet together.


Olivia 2

Now, Will and I got Olivia right after our first small vacation together as a couple.  We had been dating for about 6 months and his company at the time had wanted him to come down to West Palm Beach for about a week.  This just happened to coincide with his birthday (May 19th) and we decided that I would fly down for a long weekend “vacation”.  

Anyhow, after we got back home, we decided to adopt an animal together.  We weren’t living together yet, but we figured that the animal would live with him because my landlord at the time didn’t allow any animals. 

After much debate as to whether we would get a cat (my vote) or a dog (Will’s vote), we went looking to adopt.  We saw the Heartland Humane Society adopting out dogs at the local Starbucks, so we stopped by and fell in love with a beautiful Siberian Husky.  He had one blue eye and one brown eye and A LOT of energy.  We filled out an application for adoption, and went on our merry way.  (btw, those bitches never even called us) We went down to the local PetSmart and outside there was a lady giving away free kittens.  We saw this beautiful blonde kitten that was staying away from all the other kittens and panting.  She was so beautiful.  Will still had his heart set on a dog, so we decided that we would go inside, look around, and if we didn’t find anything that struck our hearts, and if she was still there, we would come back out and adopt her.  Of course you know the end of the story, because Princess Olivia is ours. 

She is still not a social cat.  It takes her FOREVER to get used to new animals, and we’ve had 4 others come in after her.  She is such a daddy’s girl that it isn’t even funny.  Will worked from home when we first got her and she used to sit with him all day long sleeping in his lap or on the desk while he worked.  She can be incredibly sweet when she wants to be, but she is also such a bitch. ( ‘just like her mom’ Will would say)  But she’s our first, and she’s beautiful!

We had just her until we moved in together in July of that year, so only a couple of months.  Then, we got Mia!
Mia 1

Mia 2

Mia we got from our local pound.  Because we got the cat first, I promised Will that when we moved in together, we could get a dog.  And we did.  Within a week of moving into our new apartment.  We went to the local pound and looked around and she was the only one who caught our attention.  She was very quiet and shy.  She would wag her tail when I would look at her, and then back up to the back of her kennel when I got too close.  We wanted to adopt her that day, but we couldn’t.  She was picked up as a stray and the law requires that she be held at the pound for 7 days in case someone comes looking for her.  That was on a Saturday, and she wasn’t available for adoption until Monday.  So, Monday morning, bright and early, we went back to the pound to adopt her.  Of course, we got there and someone else was holding her.  Will didn’t want to say anything, he was just hoping they would put her back, but of course, I couldn’t do that.  I went right up to the girl who was holding my dog and told her the whole story and she gave her to us!! So we went home with Mia that day and needless to say, Olivia was pissed. 

We really think that she was abused before we got her (she was about 4 weeks old) because she was scared all the time and would never bark, just hide.  We came home one afternoon from going out to lunch or something and Olivia was on our kitchen table and Will hissed at her really loudly and it made the dog yelp and hide.  But of course, she isn’t like that anymore.  She is the most social dog ever.  And sweet.  And also a daddy’s girl because of course Will was still working from home when we got her and spent the most time with her. 

Then came the day that we took Olivia to get spayed. Sometime in mid September.  Very close to my birthday (the 22nd).  In the lobby were the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen.  I sent Will a picture of them with my phone telling him that I had adopted them. (of course I hadn’t, but I wanted to) We argued about these kittens for an entire day.  I wanted BOTH of them because what a terrible person I would be to split them up.  He kept saying no, no, no.  Finally I gave up, I had tried EVERYTHING.  I even bribed him saying that he could name them BOTH and still NO.

Eventually, he came out to the living room where I was definately NOT pouting and said that we could get them for my birthday.  YAY! So we raced over to the vets office and they were still there.  And silly us, we adopted both:

Sammy and Frankie

Frankie 1

Sammy 1

So, we get them home and Olivia has to stay at the vets office for a couple of days because she got spayed and front de-clawed. (before you start lecturing me on this, understand that she is a completely indoor cat.  Plus, we had just bought brand new furniture and it was either de-claw or death for her, so I think we choose appropriately.) When she came home, she was already pissed off about the surgeries and now there were two little MONSTERS in her house?!? How dare we!!!! I swear she hissed at them for atleast a month.  She never really got used to Frankie, but I think she could tell something was wrong with him because before he was even six months old, he got really sick and the vets office could never find out what was wrong with him. (they thought he had toxoplasmosis, which is fatal in cats, but it was never confirmed.) Sadly, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep because he kept having seizures, he was going blind, and all he did was walk around in circles, he was losing weight and kept peeing on the floors because he couldn’t find the litter box anymore. Afterward, we buried him in Will’s parents backyard.

 Frankie 2

Frankie 3


So, that left us with Sammy:
Sammy 2

Sammy 3

Sammy is your typical TomCat. We waited a little longer to get him neutered so that he would get really big because Olivia is so tiny. We just didn’t know HOW big he would get. He is such a little fatty. He seriously weighs abot 15 pounds. Seriously. I know.
Before he was neutered, he was such an instigator. He would chase Olivia around and play with everything and do these crazy acrobatic flips around trying to catch toys, but afterward, he just lays around. And eats. And sleeps. But I love him. He’s a momma’s boy. He likes to curl up in my lap and is one of the few cats I know that actually comes when you call him and understands when the word “cookie” means. Fatty, I know.

So this was it for about 4 months or so when Will started this new job and was going to be away from home a lot. I figured that since the cats had each other and Mia was going to miss Will so much, she needed a companion. So Will and I went out on the hunt for another dog. We ended up in the pound a county over and found Guinness. I fell in love. They told us he was a rottie and I wanted one SO BADLY. But of course, he was found as a stray and yada yada yada. Same story again here, except that I didn’t steal him out of someone’s arms when I went back to get him.
I took him back to work with me and my Mom and I bathed him and pulled ATLEAST 20 or so ticks off of him. This is the picture I took of him the first day after his first bath:
Guinness 1

He totally looks like a rottie puppy, but that isn’t what he ended up being. Turns out, he’s ALMOST a full bred Bernese Mountain Dog. And he now weighs about 95 pounds!!

Guinness 2

Guinness 3

Will was gone all during the week and only home on the weekends when I got Guinness, so he’s definately MY dog. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his daddy, but if mommy calls, that’s where he is. He’s the sweetest, clumsiest, and sensitive dog I’ve ever seen. He loves to jump up in your lap like he is 10 pounds.

And of course, the most important part of my family is Will:

Will 1

Will 2

I’m sure he’s going to HATE that I put these up here, but he’s going to have to get over it! I mean seriously, look how freakin’ hot he is!! Those blue eyes are amazing!! (I love you, baby!)

I’ll eventually get around to putting up some pictures of me, but not today. You’ve had enough cuteness, seeing my sweet face would send you into a diabetic coma!!


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  1. kmcdonald said,

    July 31, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Guinness is beautiful. We have a full bernese and they look very similar. They’re great dogs – I can’t imagine life without ours.

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