Why my spotbot was worth every penny:

This weekend was very hectic for us.  We were both working lunchtime shifts and barely got to sleep in at all.  Not to mention that our house looked like a category 4 hurricane blew through it.  Saturday, Guinness decided that there was simply not enough stress, mess, and sleeplessness going on, and he woke us up around 5:30 am to doggy diarrhea all over our very cream colored carpet.  **THIS NEXT PART IS NOT FOR THE SQUEMISH** 

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that what woke me up was the actual SMELL of dog shit in our bedroom.  Seriously, a smell woke me up.  Anyhow, we weren’t sure which dog it was b/c they both looked incredibly guilty, but we cleaned it up and ran the Spot Bot over it. ( Just a sidebar, the spot bot has got to be one of the best inventions EVER.  I liked it so much and raved about it so much, that my previous boss bought one, my Mom bought one, my Uncle bought one for his wife AND one for his daughter, and my mom went back and bought one for my brother and his fiancee as their house warming present.)

While I am upstairs cleaning up dog poo, Will walks both dogs.  Guinness gets down ONE flight of stairs (we have TWO) and poops AGAIN!!! So, Will gets mad, we change responsibilities, I take out the dogs while he cleans up the poo.  We spray what feels like an entire bottle of Febreeze, and go back to sleep.  For the next few hours, I keep waking up thinking that I smell poop again (I didn’t, it was psychosomatic) and was thrilled to wake up at 8:30 to the smell of Guinness pooping again. Only this time, there is also a huge cold pile of doggie vomit on the floor.  So, again we drag out the Miracle Machine, spray Febreeze, and walk Guinness only to lay down and start to drift off to sleep just in time for the alarm to go off @ 9:30.  We get up, shower, get ready for work and start downstairs to walk the dogs one last time when….you guessed it! Guinness poops AGAIN on the floor.  We clean up one last time and barricade the two dogs in a bathroom with a tile floor with 2 baby gates so they can’t jump over and go to work. 

So, it goes without saying that this was definately one of the shittiest weekends ever. Period.



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