Okay, we have this computer company coming out to work today to fix some problems with our computers called Level 4 Computer Ninja. Last night, I was telling Will about this.  The following is the conversation that we had and why I love our relationship so much:

Me:  Yeah, the computer Ninja is coming out tomorrow so I will finally have some sound on my computer.

Will:  (while giving me a look like I am a nutball) That’s Nice.

Me:  I want to be a Ninja.  Do you think I could maybe be the office Ninja.

Will: No. (still more Nutball looks)

Me:  (thinking intently) Well, what about the bedroom Ninja?

Will: (with the most devious smile I’ve ever seen the man wear) absolutely.

So, while I cannot be an office Ninja, I am apparantly a freaky bedroom ninja and being a bedroom ninja is serious business….I should know.


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  1. September 12, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    […] giving Murphy a ninja kick to the face!! Chuck Norris who??  Being a ninja  runs in the family, I […]

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