Some things never change

It seems that for the past several years, when Will’s birthday rolls around, we never seem to have the money to do what he wants.  First year of our relationship, his birthday came and I had just had my surgery in October, so we were suffering the ramifications of all those bills.  Second year of our relationship, he had lost his job in December and we were catching up on all the bills we had fallen behind on come May.  This year, you guessed it, we freakin’ moved, got screwed out of about $4,000.00 (see first post) and are now working two jobs each to get caught up.  I feel really terrible about this because I really want to be able to do some awesome stuff for his birthday (which I won’t list here because he’ll probably read this) but we simply do not have the extra income to do it right now. Plus, we seem to be cursed with this terrible sense of responsibility that makes it impossible for us to spend money frivolously when we know we have bills to pay. Crazy, right? So, it just seems to me that when Will’s birthday rolls around this year, it will be the same thing as every other year….sorry babe.  I promise that we will make your next birthday awesome! (or at least one of them before you turn 30!!)


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